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Black collar Arms APS Review

Black Collar Arms APS Announced

With ATF angling to crack down on pistol braces but the popularity of large format pistols still at an all-time high, Black Collar Arms is proud to offer a new category of rear accessory that provides more utility to owners of large, accurate, highly-capable pistols than ever before. Introducing the Black Collar Arms APS!

TA-44SG-10 Review

Trijicon TA-44SG-10 Review

I first handled the Trijicon TA-44SG-10 back in 2009 while perusing a local cop shop. I remember how impressed I was with the optic’s small size, clarity and crisp green donut reticle. The TA-44SG-10 produces the reticle using fiber-optics during the day and tritium at night.

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