Blackhawk T-Series Holster Review

Blackhawk T-Series Holster Review

Blackhawk T-Series Holster Review

-By Desmoprofundis
Blackhawk, the bane of my existence!!

Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. I have been into the Serpa system for a long time, thinking I had quality, if not exactly ‘top of the line’ equipment. How wrong was I?

Not too wrong it turns out.

Not unlike 5.56 ammo, once you’re locked into a system it’s hard to swap out easily. If you fall in love with .300 Blackout but you already have 5000 rounds of 5.56, suddenly starting all over again at ground zero can be daunting.

I had Glock, Beretta, and Sig Sauer Blackhawk Serpa holsters with a gambit of paddles and quick disconnects. I had the female holster receivers on my body armor, my combat belt, under the dash of my truck, on my bed frame, in my refrigerator, screwed to the backside of my TV… okay, there I go exaggerating again but you get my point. Suffice it to say that I was eye balls deep in the Blackhawk Serpa system when…

!!All Of A Sudden!!

…I find out that the Serpa is less than desirable and has even banned by some precincts and gun classes. Huh… gun folks banning gun stuff because ‘they think’ it’s unsafe. I smell hypocrisy… but I digress.

Although the Serpa holster never failed me personally, I also can’t say I’ve ever been involved in a real world shooting situation with it either. After watching numerous videos on it and seeing how potentially unsafe it was, I reluctantly decided to change it up. Not an easy choice with all the Blackhawk stuff I have.

I looked long and hard at Safariland and some similarly badass retention holsters when I discovered the New Blackhawk T-Series holster. I have wanted a light bearing holster for some time now and this one seem to fit the bill.

Blackhawk, if you’re reading this, you have a terrible website with a ton of info on it that tells you absolutely nothing you actually want to know. Primarily does the new holster work with all the previous Blackhawk mounting accessories?

Taking a chance, I dove right in buying two of them from MTG Tactical at once and the simple answer is yes… with a slight modification.


The BlackHawk G-17 T-Series holster works with virtually every full size and compact Glock handgun (see the fitment chart on the Blackhawk website) and you can get one that will either hold the TLR-1 or the TLR-7 and 8. They said something about it feeling ‘buttery’ in one of the YouTube videos and yes… after some adjustments to the adjustment screw, it’s like pushing the gun into a holster that’s been smothered in cold butter. It’s a thickly viscose sensation as you holster your firearm and I have to say, it… is… nice. Release the thumb retention device on the L2C holster and the gun slips out like a greased pig.
Here’s the thing though,  if you get a light bearing T-Series  holster you **Can Not** use it WITHOUT the light. The holster actually retains the light and not the gun. The thumb release is easy to deploy and even for us old index finger Serpa lovers it becomes intuitive within moments. If anything, reholstering the gun is the only thing that takes a little getting used to with the L2C T-Series.
I have seen these holsters range in price significantly but I got mine on sale through Black Sheep Warrior owner and editor Will’s retail store and spent less than $60 for each of them. Since they work with all my other Blackhawk stuff I’m saving a ton of money not buying mollie this and paddle that.
Note: I did have to drill the holes in my Serpa paddle one size larger to accommodate the slightly larger screws the T-Series uses. Other than that it was a perfect fit.
As an old gun guy who only occasionally finds himself behind the ‘what’s cool today’ power curve, I recommend the Blackhawk T-Series as a well put together, still somewhat inexpensive, and much better designed replacement for the index finger driven Serpa holster. In my opinion, if Blackhawk had come out with this holster years ago Safariland would still be making one off custom holsters out of their dad’s garage.

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  1. I do have a Blackhawk for SIG 229 (357 SIG). It takes a lot of practice to get draw done correctly but I like the fact that the trigger finger is well outside trigger guard in order to depress catch. Have watched Jerry Miculek tapes and he really pushes getting grasp correctly and doing dozens of slow practice draws each day. I know pistol will be retained and not readily taken away. I am not an LEO so theft is not a major consideration

    I think the “problem” with the holster is lack of ability and proper firearm safety of inexperienced users aka placing finger on trigger at start of draw and attempting to pull firearm from holster resulting in accidental discharge.

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