C&G Holsters Developing a New AIWB called the Mod 1

C&G Holsters Developing a New AIWB called the Mod 1

C&G Holsters Developing a New AIWB called the Mod 1?

Details on what we are assuming is going to be a new AIWB holster line called the “Mod 1” are fairly scant at the moment and all we have to go by is a photo from C&G Holster’s Instagram and facebook feeds.


The caption on the photo seen on C&G Holsters Instagram feed was as follows:

Great time at @bigdaddyunlimited #epic shoot yesterday. Got to show off our new holster line. #staytuned #aiwb #darkwing #candgholsters#candgarms #bigdaddy #bigdaddyunlimited#rangetime #swag #patch

So, what do we know from the picture?  We believe the new holster line will be named :Darkwing” based of one of the hashtags.  The holsters appear to be RMR cut and feature a built in wedge for pushing the handgun into the wearers muscular abs or fat cells (depending on your makeup and dietary/excercise habits.  And it looks like it will come in black and FDE or coyote.  Very sneaky sneaky……..

I did shoot Chris (founder of C&G) a text after seeing the post and peppered him with questions.  Chris was very tight lipped and wouldn’t spill any details.

So, that leaves us to assume a lot but at least he left us some hints in the social media posts.  For now we will just have to wait and we will update this post with more pictures and information when we get it.

In the meantime, here is a little pre-announcement heads up about our new Team Room community.  You can go check it out and get early access.  You can also join the Darkwing conversation along with other AIWB holster aficionados. Warning though, the community was just started and is going!  Stand by for a full announcement soon!

Learn More:

C&G Holsters website,

MTGtactical.com (our store sells C&G Products)

Black Sheep Warrior Team Room

Here are a couple additional views from the original picture:

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