Lalo Rapid Assault boots

LALO has a New Rapid Assault Boot…

LALO has a new Rapid Assault Boot and its HOT!

If you ever run into me (Will) on any given day, chances are I will be wearing a pair of LALO shoes. I just love them and my original pair of Battleship Grey Zodiac Recons were used for over two years for everything from work, running fly fishing and more! Over two years you say? Yea over two years because they are expensive and I love them and ….they last.

Currently I’m running the new Zodiac Recon AT which features the Lalo off road traction ports and they are amazing! But now there is something new…… the Lalo Zodiac Recon Rapid Assault Boot and I need a pair……

The Rapid Assault Boots come in two heights (6″ and 9″) and currently three colors (black, tan and Multicam). OD green with black soles is supposedly coming and quite frankly I may need to buy a couple pairs in different colors (not Multicam because I don’t have a cool guy tab).

One of the reasons I love Lalo shoes is because while they are special warfare niche products, they don’t scream special warfare or wanna be. Case in point, if you look out your window and some guy wearing black Solomon shoes is stealing your neighbor’s trash its pretty easy to deduce what’s going on.

So, long and short is that Lalo’s are still cool and becoming more and more popular with cool guys!

The Rapid Assault boot features an optional speed lacing system, two way passive drainage ports (think fly fishing and hiking), rubberized toe cap and a hidden lace pocket among other things.

Most importantly, the new Rapid Assault Boots are made by Lalo which means they are top quality and ready for whatever mission or adventure awaits you!

You can save 15% off your next pair along with free shipping when you grab them from our sister site

Here is the page for the Lalo Rapid Assault Boots.

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