2 thoughts on “Tiberious Gib Reviews – Faith Family and Guns”

  1. I really liked your review of the olight pl mini 2 valkyrie. But I do have a question, I see you had it on a canik mete sft I own the same firearm, can you tell me how you got a holster to accommodate that olight ? .
    Thanks again keep up the great reviews Rich.

  2. As former military and contractor who loves gear and guns, the term “faith, family and guns” gives me a bit of a slimy vibe. The important of the former two should so vastly outweigh the latter that saying them all in one sentence gives me a feeling of misplaced priorities. There are so many things for me that come after faith and family and before guns (service being the immediate standout) that the latter shouldn’t even be in the sentence. It’s pushing a very specific attitude and narrative backed by ego that I could do without.

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