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New Plinker: RF/22 from Radical Firearms

With everything else going on (ammo shortages, geopolitics, domestic issues, the cancellation of 2021’s NRAAM, etc.) you may have missed the Radical Firearms RF/22. It’s a match-grade long rifle chambered in .22lr, and if you’re the type of gun-owner who enjoys the old Ruger 10/22, or even the S&W 15-22, then this will be something you want to know about.

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Maxim Releases the MD-1505 in 3 Calibers

The PDX from Maxim Defense has proven to be an extraordinarily popular design over the last few years, but it has (understandably) never been on the lower end of the firearm price point scale. They have now launched the “MD-1505”, to make a more affordable AR-15 style PDX available. Though similar to the PDX in size and capability, the PDX has MILSPEC forged receivers and a different handguard. With the SCW stock, SCW brace, and SCW pistol system options, there should be a version available for most conceivable needs.

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Tyrant Sig P365 Comp

Tyrant Designs P365 T-Comp

Tyrant Designs releases the P365 T-Comp. In the past few years, it seems that compact pistols have evolved to such incredible heights in firearms engineering. The Sig P365 is a rising star in the firearms market for its high capacity in such a small frame. Naturally, we know that compact pistols have a little more snap to them regards to muzzle flip. Tyrant Designs has released the new T-Comp for Sig 365 pistols to help give a little extra edge in controllability during your time training or simply plinking at the range. With this new innovative design and great aesthetics, I can see it standing out in a crowd of its competitors in the pistol comp market.

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Ares Watch Co DIVER-1B PVD

Ares Watch Co. DIVER-1B in PVD Deep Black

Created for professionals who operate in rigorous conditions, a diver who needs a reliable timepiece to time their air supply, or simply a watch for the collector who values highly capable watches. The Ares Watch Co. founder has created watches that are sought after by many for these exact reasons.  Ares Watch Co. is now offering a limited pre-order of the Diver -1B in PVD Black.

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Magpul® Bipod – Sling Stud QD – Coming Soon!

Designed to mount on the Uncle Mike’s Sling Swivel Stud that’s found on nearly every sporting rifle, the Magpul Bipod – Stud QD is the strongest, most fully-featured bipod available that provides direct sling stud mounting. With a new rapid-attach sling stud mounting system, the Sling Stud QD bipod takes away the fuss of aligning and tightening that comes with traditional sling stud-mount bipods. Its stainless-steel mounting system self-locates and aligns perfectly every time.

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