OWYHEE Group Hoist Hydration Pouch reviews

OWYHEE Group Hoist Hydration Products Released

In a recent post we mentioned that we had recently learned about OWYHEE Group and their new line of SIG M17/M18 mag pouches. Well looks like they have some other interesting products geared at the modern warfighter in the form fo the OWHYHEE HOIST hydration products. You can read about their hydration powder/pouches and pre-made electrolyte drinks below.



(Eagle, ID – Owyhee Group Companies) Owyhee Group Companies (OGC) announced it will begin distributing Hoist® Military Hydration Powder and its Hoist® IV-Level Ready To Drink (RTD) Bottles for Warfighter field feeding. “I have consumed a lot of hydration products over the years, but too often these drinks either tasted bad or are far less effective than regular water”, notes OGC Product Manager Steve Klock. “My personal use of the product, introduced to it on an outing in extreme heat, left me extremely impressed with its hydration properties and taste, and it turns out a growing number of groups in the Army are making the same discovery.”

Hoist® comes in two unique formulations: Hoist® Military Hydration Powder and Hoist® IV-Level Ready To Drink (RTD) Bottles. The Powder is one of three electrolyte products approved by the Department of Defense, meeting all the services’ electrolyte standards (AR 40-25, AFI 44-141, OPNAVINST 10110.1, and MCO 10110.49).

The powder comes in two different forms: Sticks and Pouches. The sticks, which are available in cases of 100, are for mixing into individual 16 to 20 fluid ounce bottles (OGC Part# HOIST-STICKS-100). The pouches, which are available 30 per case, are designed for larger field feeding situations and produce 2.5 gallons per pouch (OGC Part# HOIST-POUCHES-2-5). The sticks and the pouches are available in grape, fruit punch, tropical orange, peach mango and watermelon flavors.

The Hoist® IV-Level RTD Bottles are a specifically formulated blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and fluids that can be absorbed straight into your bloodstream for instant hydration, without giving you “water belly” (OGC Part# HOIST-BOTTLES-16FL0Z). The formula is clinically proven to keep you hydrated 110% longer than water. The IV-RTD 16 fluid ounce bottles come in cases of 12 units. They are available in strawberry-lemonade, orange, peach-mango, dragon fruit and watermelon flavors. “West Point is already buying the Bottles by the truckload”, notes Rachel Trotta, Hoist® Director of Business Development.

Hoist® is now available for purchase in case quantities from the OGC website at https://www.owyheegroup.com. For groups with questions or looking to purchase in pallet quantities (114 cases for RTD bottles, 36 cases for 2.5-gallon pouches or 160 cases for sticks), contact OGC at sa***@ow*********.com or 208.938.6086.

About Owyhee Group
OGC delivers mission critical products for U.S. Military, Federal, State and Local Security Forces and the Wildland Firefighter. The Company has served U.S. Military forces for over 20 years and manufacturers and distributes over 11,000 products that can be purchased from its website at https://www.owyheegroup.com, the GSA Advantage portal at https://gsaadvantage.gov (contract 47QSMA18DO8R6) and the FedMall portal at https://fedmall.gov. Hoist® is currently only available directly from the OGC sales staff or its corporate website at https://owyheegroup.com. OGC is the Warfighters Choice.

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