Trijicon TA-44SG-10 Review

Trijicon TA-44SG-10 Review:

By Will

Review Update 2021:

So its 2021 and i figured its time to update this TA-44SG-10 review as its so many years and quite frankly this otic is still my go to tactical carbine optic. everything stated below still applies and while the TA44 has seen some small tweaks and enhancements, its still a rock solid and dependable optic ready for whatever you throw at it. Really your only downsides are going to be the fact hat it has 1.5 magnification so your back up irons are not going to work without using angled BUIS or taking the optic off. This is easily accomplished by using a Trijicon TA-44 quick release mount by ADM or Midwest industries (see links below).

I first handled the Trijicon TA-44SG-10 back in 2009 while perusing a local cop shop. I remember how impressed I was with the optic’s small size, clarity and crisp green donut reticle. The TA-44SG-10 produces the reticle using fiber-optics during the day and tritium at night. The beauty of the system is that it negates the need for batteries and is less prone to fail than battery operated optics. the TA-44SG-10 also incorporates a 1.5X non-variable zoom which assists with distance shooting without inhibiting close range performance. I bought my TA-44SG-10 after a lengthy search online and ordered it for around $725.00 USD. It came with a pelican case, scopecoat, and lens pen.

After using the TA-44SG-10 in the field I am still impressed. The TA-44SG-10 is super small, yet when looking through the optic your view and eye relief are both surprisingly good. The 1.5X zoom makes a 100 yard target look like it is approximately 60 yards. Initially I was concerned that the 1.5X zoom would slow down target acquisition while engaging in close quarters however, the opposite proved to be the case and it actually sped up target acquisition when compared to my previous EOTech 552.

Field Notes:

  • The reticle works with PVS-14 night vision and is not to bright (Based on looking through the sight with helmet mounted NVGs).
  • The fiber-optics glow at night and some black tape is in order especially during tactical operations.
  • You may or may not need the tape during the day as well to keep the reticle from blooming (I have not had this problem and I believe it is because of the short fiber-optic length).
  • The available mounts all place the optic at absolute co-witness which is initially annoying but easily forgotten after a little use (mounting the sight on an M-4 carry handle solves this issue). I recommend the ADM AD-B2 Modular Base because it has the best locking mechanism in my opinion.
  • Steel silhouette shots out to 300 + yards are easy as long as you can make out the target. 

In conclusion: I really don’t understand why the TA-44 series optics from Trijicon are not more popular in military and law enforcement circles. Maybe it is because of the height of the available mounts. The price could also be an issue with the current economic climate’s impact on budgets. I have added some useful links seeing this is not meant to be a fully comprehensive review. Here are some of the links that I used when researching:

Where to find it:

In the years since posting this review (our first ever) we have established an online brand called Megiddo Tactical Group or MTG Tactical for short. You can find both products reviewed here on our store.

Trijicon TA-44 optic

ADM TA-44 Mount

Midwest TA-44 Mount

The front sight post disappears as soon as your eye focuses on the target.

Also consider our Trijicon SRO Specialized Reflex Optic article here.

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– Will

8 thoughts on “Trijicon TA-44SG-10 Review”

  1. I know this is an old thread, but was curious what you would think about the 6mm riser with this? The front sight post isn’t a huge issue for me, but I’d like your input.

    1. Ryan,
      Im not sure how that would work. I will say that I shoot better with this optic than I do with an EO-tech and in the years of qualifying with it quarterly I cannot remember the last time I saw the sight post. It just disappears when shooting under pressure. hope that helps.
      – Will

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