Russian SU 34 Fullback Tags (Slava Ukrania)

Russian SU 34 Fullback Tags (Slava Ukrania)

So, I ws perusing the r/ukrainianconflict subreddit on Reddit and came across the following post:

“Have you ever wanted a SU-34 “Fullback” strike fighter? But $50M is a little bit pricey? Just donate $1000+ to support Ukrainian army and get this tag recycled from a downed russian plane (it’s literally a piece of it with little engraving)”

Here is the website for ordering the tags (I have no idea if its legit or not).

Bellow are a few image galleries showing the product and the process of making the SU-34 tags. It looks like the folks making these are actually putting the lat long of the crash on the backside!

Each SU 34 tag is limited per aircraft. Hopefully there will be lots of limited editions 🙂

Here are some images of the SU-34 tag wreckage:

Now, that caught my eye so I figured it would I would share it here and see if our readers think its as cool as I do.

The poster r/uaxpasha sent me the above embedded images to share with you guys and while I cannot verify the legitimacy of this deal or the user, I do think its worth sharing.

Here is the link for the page where you can donate! Once again we cannot verify whether this is a legit support channel.

If you order one and it arrives please let us know so we can update the page! you can shoot us pictures as well! 🙂

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