MAXIM Defence PDX FDE with US Army

MAXIM Defense Working With US Army….

MAXIM Defense Working With US Army….

Interesting goings on…..

St Cloud, MN – Maxim Defense Industries, LLC announced Friday that they are working with the U.S. Army at Fort Benning and The Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) has sponsored four (4) of their core products to be a part of Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) in 2020.

The MCoE sponsored products include Maxims MDX weapon system consisting of the MDX:505/PDX (5.5″ barrel), the MDX:508 (8″ barrel), and the MDX:511 (11″ barrel) along with three (3) of their stock system variants; the Sub-Compact Weapon Stock (SCW), Maxim’s Gen7 Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Stock and the Combat Carbine Stock (CCS).

“This is added capabilities for Soldiers on the ground.” Said CJ Dugan, VP of MIL/GOV/Int’l Business Development. “These products not only help reduce the overall length of the M4 weapon system but by having the shorter barrel lengths of our MDX line, Soldiers will have rifle caliber capabilities in confined situations that historically only pistols were used.”

“We are excited and humbled to be part of the process to enhance the warfighter’s capabilities on the battlefield.” Said Michael Windfeldt, CEO of Maxim. “Our focus is to provide those that defend our nations freedoms with superior firearms and accessories that exceed in the most extreme environments.”  

Maxim Defense is scheduled for Live Fire Experiments on the 14th of November and will be at the Force-on-Force Experiments with the U.S. Army, U.K. Army, and the Australian Army January through March of 2020.

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The Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) is the Army’s premier prototype technology, and concept event focused on the squad and small units. Prototype experimentation has a critical role in shaping the future Army between now and 2025. In truth, technology insertions by 2025 are already in a Program of Record, Science and Technology program, or an industry Commercial Off the Shelve (COTS).

 The AEWE campaign of experimentation follows the Chief of Staff of the Army’s guidance to use a bottom-up approach to modernization. The Army of 2025 must be prepared for the full range of military operations from sustained combat operations to small-scale humanitarian assistance operations. The Army in 2025 will be smaller, leaner, and more expeditionary. It will be a more agile force with greater lethality enabled by technology. The AEWE campaign is an essential enabler of that pursuit. The Army is shifting its focus from near-term solutions to the mid and far-term to maximize the Force 2025 effort and shape technology investment. AEWE provides an annual venue with close linkages to ASA(ALT), TRAC, AMSAA, RDECOM, DARPA, industry, and the architects of S&T futures. No less valuable is its centrality to the MCoE Infantry and Armor proponencies. The value of AEWE as a venue to shape the 2025 force includes an expansive support infrastructure at Fort Benning and its ability to draw upon resident conventional and special operations units, and active participation with the TCM formation managers, concept and capability developers, and doctrine and training SMEs. Their collaborative processes shape functional warfighting concepts, S&T solutions, and organizational design. AEWE is the Army venue central to that collective effort and essential to the Force 2025 vision.

Maxim Defense is a U.S. based defense development company aiming to provide Military and First Responders the next generation of tools and equipment to succeed in today’s most extreme environments. The company primarily engages in small arms manufacturing focusing R&D on producing better, lighter, and more reliable weapons and accessories. As an industrial-design-centered organization, Maxim seeks to improve and enhance existing weapons platforms alongside developing cutting-edge technologies for redefining the future. Maxim Defense is headquartered in St. Cloud, MN. 

To learn more, please visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @maximdefense.


We have also added the MAXIM Defense URG Pistol kit to the MTG Tactical Store

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