Tyrant Sig P365 Comp

Tyrant Designs P365 T-Comp

Tyrant Designs P365 T-Comp

Tyrant Designs releases the Sig Sauer P365 T-Comp. In the past few years, it seems that compact pistols have evolved to such incredible heights in firearms engineering. The Sig P365 is a rising star in the firearms market for its high capacity in such a small frame. Naturally, we know that compact pistols have a little more snap to them regards to muzzle flip. Tyrant Designs has released the new T-Comp for Sig 365 pistols to help give a little extra edge in controllability during your time training or simply plinking at the range. With this new innovative design and great aesthetics, I can see it standing out in a crowd of its competitors in the pistol comp market.



Tyrant Designs CNC introduces a new chapter in compensator history with the addition to their first series production
for the Sig Sauer P365, the SIG P365 T-Comp Compensator. Images and details of their P365 compensator can be
seen on their website www.tyrantcnc.com . This new model is extreme on every level as it represents a new direction
for compensator design. Utilizing a two piece design Tyrant has eliminated the need for set screws or loctite, instead
using a housing & stem concept that is self containing.

During an up close look of the compensator one can tell the use of dual chambers that run .250” in depth. Overall
dimensions line up perfectly to the profile of the P365, adding about .750 of an inch past the end of the slide.
The Tyrant Designs P365 T-Comp is also the first compensator made specifically for the Sig P365, promising unparalleled performance against the more traditional & one size fits most comps. Their product description reads as


The Tyrant Designs CNC Sig Sauer P365 Compensator, known as the P365 T-Comp, dramatically
reduces muzzle rise and sensed recoil, allowing much quicker target re-acquisition. Compatible with
½-28 threaded barrels our compensator requires no modification to your Sig P365, and once
assembled fits most open ended holsters. The T-Comp works on all Sig P365 configurations and will
function using almost any grain ammunition.

The real enginuity is in how the T-Comp is installed. Utilizing a two piece design our Sig comp
installs securely in seconds WITHOUT the need for set screws or any other faulty attachment
methods. Working on a concept focused on uncompromised innovation allowed considerable
engineering freedom in developing significant solutions. Once attached, the Tyrant Compensator will
not come loose while operating your firearm, or while holstering/unholstering it. Whether you are a range day goer or competitive shooter we are confident our Sig Sauer compensator not only
outperforms the competition but sets a new standard for compensator innovation.

Tyrant Designs offers their new Sig Sauer P365 compensator in 3 different, two tone colors: Black on Black, Black on
Nickel, Black on Gold. They have stated that their first production run is limited and that all dealer allocations have
been filled. To see more head to www.tyrantcnc.com

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