XTech Tactical Expands Partnership with GOA

XTech Tactical Expands Partnership with GOA with OEM47

Gun Owners of America has been hailed as the great defender of second amendment rights today. In efforts to keep the fight going strong for our second amendment rights, XTech Tactical has partnered up with Guns Of America. With a touch of comedic irony, XTech Tactical is offering the “Commifornia Special”. A magazine line for the very loved and seldom hated(my opinion, ha!) Soviet creation, the Kalashnikov rifle. Read more below on how every “Commifornia Special” magazine sold contributes to Gun Owners of America and their cause to conserve the second amendment of the US constitution.



XTech Tactical, one of the fastest growing firearms accessory manufactures, is now shipping its OEM47 10/30 (MSRP $19.95) as an expansion of its Commufornia Special” magazine line. Like the MAG47 10/30, $1 for each magazine sold off the company’s website will go towards Gun Owners of America to fight for gun rights. The magazines will also ship with a $5 off annual membership offer to Gun Owners of America.

The XTech Tactical “Commufornia Special” offers a field strippable 10rd magazine in a 30rd magazine body. This permits much easy mag changes and insertion into the rifle, while still permitting the user to clean the magazine. The term “Commufornia Special” is intended to remind and encourage the company’s customers to get involved in protecting their rights as firearms owners and supporters of the Constitution.

The OEM 10/30 will not function if its blocker is removed due to its reduced spring, and the magazine is only marked as a 10-round magazine.

About the OEM47 Line:

The OEM47 line is a result of numerous requests from rifle manufactures for XTech Tactical to offer a lower cost AK 7.62×39 magazine option to include with the sale of their rifles. However, the company would not settle for simply making a less expensive option without optimizing the value and its competitive placement in the market. The OEM47 line features an all polymer construction using a proprietary composite blend.

After 9 months of development the polymer permits the 30rd, standard capacity, version of the OEM47 to pass drop tests that more expensive US Made AK magazines will not.

The OEM47 line currently is only available as the OEM47 10/30 with the standard capacity 30rd option soon to follow. The OEM47 line up offers a great value to those looking for magazines for recreational and range use. For those looking for a battleready magazine, the MAG47 offers the most advanced US manufactured AK magazine on the market. The MAG47 features the most advanced polymer, stainless steel feedlips and locking lugs, where-as, the OEM47 is an all polymer construction.

Dealers can contact de*****@xt***********.com or Zanders Sporting Goods

Media: me***@xt***********.com

For more information on XTech Tactical please visit https://www.xtechtactical.com

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