UAG iPhone 6 Case Review

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 Case Review

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 Case Review

By: Will

Well, here we are again, it doesn’t seem like it was long ago that we were reviewing the iPhone 5 case offerings from both Urban Armor Gear (UAG), Magpul and Strike Industries. This time we want to share our thoughts on the UAG iPhone 6 Case and as always give you an in depth view through commentary and detailed images.

I purchased the UAG Outland Edition Case (Orange and Black) from Amazon about two days after my iPhone 6 arrived. Unfortunately, the screen had already been introduced to a rock and badly scratched, but thats a story for another day.  

Upon arriving via Amazon Prime, (I love prime shipping), I quickly opened the packaging and inspected the case. My first impressions were slightly tempered by the fact that, contrary to its appearance, the case is not made from multiple pieces but in fact co-moulded with faux screws and such.

Now there is nothing wrong with this however it was slightly disappointing as I was looking forward to checking out the industrial look and feel that the product images implied (this is why we have so many detailed images in our reviews). 

The case arrived along with a micro fiber cloth and a, woefully late, screen protector.  Also in the packaging was a tool for applying the screen protector. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the screen protector items and packaging. 

The UAG iPhone 6 Case featured a perfect fit  with easy to use volume/power buttons.

The volume on/off button was easy to reach as the case featured an ample amount of space to reach the exposed switch.

The UAG iPhone 6 Case also features extra material (black) in key drop areas that have traditionally been the weakest point for iPhones.  The case also features a raised lip that protects the screen when the phone is lying screen down. 

The camera opening is wide enough and provides ample protection for the raised lens featured int he iPhone 6.  Photo quality was un-affected by the case!

The inside of the UAG iPhone 6 Case features design elements as well that are a nice touch even if you will only see them before and after using the case.

One feature of the case that is rather odd is the two cut outs that show parts of the iPhone 6 such as the apple symbol. I actually like the two cut outs and feel that it gives the case a more industrial look.

My use of the case included casual daily use as well as some more adventurous/tactical applications for a month or so. The general feel in the hand was perfect and didn’t feel like the material was too hard or soft.

I can safely say that I dropped the phone a handful of times during my UAG iPhone 6 case review as well as countless times that it has flown across the cab of my truck while driving off-road.  All speed limits and seat belt laws were followed I can assure you 😉 

Through it all, the iPhone 6 came out unscathed and I have to admit I became rather attached to the case as there is something really cool about the black/orange color contrast.

Now some of you may ask, “why orange?” That is a good question as Amazon offered a handful of colors including blue which is my favorite! All I can say is that I succumbed to peer pressure as I had seen Opie’s Orange, UAG iPhone 5 case and immediately became jealous (Read his UAG Samsung case review).  


So, yes there are some negative aspects to this case. 

First, the case is not made in the United States.  Second, the price is rather high seeing the US made Magpul version costs approximately $16.95, while the UAG iPhone 6 case is almost $30.  The only noticeable differences seem to be stylized tweaks and a color contrast option.

One thing to consider, is the fact that you will receive a screen protector and micro fiber cloth with the UAG case which does add value.  

Where to get it:

Urban Armor Gear


The Urban Armor Gear case is also available for the iPhone 6 Plus.  The plus uses new, revolutionary materials that allow the phone to bend… is not tactical….

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  1. One of our readers from Reddit mentioned that the holes on the back of the case could allow dust to enter and subsequently scratch the phone. This is a valid point as the resale value of iPhones is close to or near the subsidized cost of the following model.

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