Opie is a long time friend of BSW's owner/editor Will. Opie brings a wealth of knowledge from his many years of military combat and law enforcement service. Opie's articles follow his passion for saving lives and serving his fellow brothers in arms.

Truckers Friend Multipurpose Battle Axe Review

When I got the Trucker’s Friend in the mail, our senior editor kept referring to it as my “battleaxe”. There really is an aggressive “I’ll split your skull, sonny” look to it. In fact, in part of the literature Innovation Factory mentions one of the uses as self-defense. I know I would think twice about taking on someone armed with something that looked like it could decapitate you and build a tree-house afterwards.

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Ricci Ankle Medical System (AMS) Review

When I first travelled to parts elsewhere, I had a first aid pouch that held a field dressing and a cravat. Fast forward just a couple of years and everyone is carrying their own Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) containing a tourniquet, combat gauze and other useful items in the event of a traumatic injury. The Ricci Ankle Medical System (AMS) holds the basics and keeps them close!

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Urban Armor Gear Composite Case Review

I recently started using the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. It is a very capable device that boasts ridiculous processing speeds, 4G LTE download speeds, more motion activated events than I know what to do with and one heck of a price tag if I have an “ooops” moment and drop it onto a concrete floor and shatter the screen. With that last point in mind I set out looking for a hardened case that wouldn’t cost what the phone was worth. I found the Urban Armor Gear (UAG) urbanarmorgear.com Composite Case.

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SIG 556 Photo Review

Sig 556 SBR Review

For years I have known that it is legal to own a short barreled rifle (SBR) in my state. A short barrel rifle is defined as a rifle having a barrel shorter than sixteen inches. The provision in our state law states possession of an SBR is legal if the firearm is registered with the federal government. You can’t watch an action movie without seeing a very cool looking example of an SBR and having been a responsible gun owner for nearly twenty years I thought that might be a fun addition to my collection.

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