Aero Precision Rifle builder kit

Aero Precision Rifle Successfully Tested to NIJ Standard

An Aero Precision rifle has successfully completed a series of rigorous testing procedures required to meet National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards for law enforcement. Following that process, the rifle was evaluated with a 10,000-round endurance test.  The weapon experienced zero malfunctions during the 10,040 round NIJ assessment, even in extreme conditions that fall outside normal use. Evaluation to NIJ …

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Black collar Arms APS Review

Black Collar Arms APS Announced

With ATF angling to crack down on pistol braces but the popularity of large format pistols still at an all-time high, Black Collar Arms is proud to offer a new category of rear accessory that provides more utility to owners of large, accurate, highly-capable pistols than ever before. Introducing the Black Collar Arms APS!


New Plinker: RF/22 from Radical Firearms

With everything else going on (ammo shortages, geopolitics, domestic issues, the cancellation of 2021’s NRAAM, etc.) you may have missed the Radical Firearms RF/22. It’s a match-grade long rifle chambered in .22lr, and if you’re the type of gun-owner who enjoys the old Ruger 10/22, or even the S&W 15-22, then this will be something you want to know about.


Maxim Releases the MD-1505 in 3 Calibers

The PDX from Maxim Defense has proven to be an extraordinarily popular design over the last few years, but it has (understandably) never been on the lower end of the firearm price point scale. They have now launched the “MD-1505”, to make a more affordable AR-15 style PDX available. Though similar to the PDX in size and capability, the PDX has MILSPEC forged receivers and a different handguard. With the SCW stock, SCW brace, and SCW pistol system options, there should be a version available for most conceivable needs.

TA-44SG-10 Review

Trijicon TA-44SG-10 Review

I first handled the Trijicon TA-44SG-10 back in 2009 while perusing a local cop shop. I remember how impressed I was with the optic’s small size, clarity and crisp green donut reticle. The TA-44SG-10 produces the reticle using fiber-optics during the day and tritium at night.

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