Urban Armor Gear Composite Case Review


By: Opie

I recently started using the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. It is a very capable device that boasts ridiculous processing speeds, 4G LTE download speeds, more motion activated events than I know what to do with and one heck of a price tag if I have an “ooops” moment and drop it onto a concrete floor and shatter the screen.   With that last point in mind I set out looking for a hardened case that wouldn’t cost what the phone was worth.  I found the Urban Armor Gear (UAG) urbanarmorgear.com Composite Case.

Galaxy SIII

The UAG composite case, as the name implies, is two materials made into one durable case. There is a harder, semi rigid plastic back that has a soft rubber interior lining and top and bottom bumper. The bumpers provide extra depth standoff in case you drop your phone like a buttered slice of bread – the screen can’t come into contact with the ground, unless you drop it on a chunk of gravel or similar pointy object.   The Galaxy sits snug inside the shell and is held securely in place by the rubber lining which wraps over the upper edge of the phone. The exterior unlock and volume control rocker are given their own molded buttons and pressing them is as easy as it was before the case.  

Samsung Gallaxy SIII

As well as the Galaxy SIII, UAG also makes a composite case for both the iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 5. There are numerous “models” of each case which appear to be nothing more than the color of the case and rubber accent. My blue case is the “Aero” model. **Quick note: Of the reviews I’ve read, the “Aviator” model looks OD green’ish in photos. People who have bought that model state the color is more of a grey. F.Y.I.***  

Samsung Galaxy SIII

The value of the case is outstanding. The materials, while not as durable as some of the better known, and WAY more expensive “hard-use” cases, are plenty strong for the abuse that a newly assigned desk jockey, such as myself, will dish out. Honestly I would have no hesitation using this as a field duty case. Also for added value, the case comes with a screen protector which will save you at least a few bucks.   If you’re looking for a durable case for your pocket computer check out the UAG composite case. It will keep your phone safe at a price you can live with.

Samsung Gallaxy SIII

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– Opie
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