SHTF Gear Holster Review

SHTF Gear ACE Gen 2 Holster Review

SHTF Gear ACE Gen 2 Holster Review

By: Donald J. Mihalek

Photos: Jody Lewis (Crossfire Photography)

An off duty police officer was in a fast food restaurant a few years back and waiting on line for some food.  While waiting, two hoodlums walked in a decided to rob the store.  As the hoodlums waived their guns around and moved people from one side of the store to the other, the off duty officer became increasingly concerned.  He felt that this robbery might into a deadly area and the only thing he thought he might be able to do, was draw his gun and take decisive action before the bad guys took that same action on the innocent folks in the store.

As the officer discreetly reached for the area he usually carried his concealed weapon, a flash of panic raced across his mind.  His gun was gone.  Trying not to outwardly panic, the officer continued to search for his gun – but it wasn’t were it should have been.  As the robbery continued, it finally came to the point where the bad guys got their money and left the store – no one was injured.  That off duty officer gave the best description he could to responding units and then went to his car.  When he opened the driver’s side door, he noticed that his gun lay neatly on the driver’s side floor.  The inside the pants clip had broken and the holster fell to the floor of the car.  Had the officer had a SHTF holster – he may not have had that happen.

So what do you do when you don’t like the holster your using?  The answer for Clay Moultrie was to create a new one  – and he did with SHTF Gear Holsters (  SHTF has been in business for over a year and has designed holsters that are highly concealable but also maintain their shape.

SHTF Gear LLC, based in Logan, Utah, is a manufacturer of concealed carry holsters and related gear.  They provide a lifetime warranty on every holster and SHTF Gear LLC “utilizes the latest in manufacturing technology, paired with traditional care and quality, to create our holsters.”

The SHTF ACE Gen 2 holsters are built with both leather and Kydex using materials made in the USA.  To construct this new hybrid holster, the company used a combination of hand stitched Kevlar as well as metal rivets and the Kydex holster.  A leather backing is laser cut and used to give the holster flexibility when worn on the waistband.

The holsters use a comfort curve to provide comfort for the wearer by creating a curve in the normally flat backer.  Adjustable Retention also allows the wearer to adjust the holster to the exact level of retention they need.  The Kydex used is .093″ Kydex for maximum durability with increased Kydex coverage for a more secure fit.  The holster also has a flared opening to allow for easier holstering.

This new ACE Gen 2 holster, available for a wide array of handguns, stands for “Always Combat Effective” allows a shooter to have easier access to their concealed weapon for a faster draw to address any threat they may come across.

The scariest thing for anyone carrying and needing a concealed carry weapon is to not be able to find it when needed.  The ACE Gen 2 hybrid holster can prevent that by giving the wearer the ability for their holster to stay in place allowing the wearer to always find their weapon when they need it.

For more information on STHF Gear or the ACE Gen 2 holster, go to


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