Piston Head Army

The Piston Head Army, Tactical Art That Will Blow Your Gasket!

The Piston Head Army

By Will

Photos used with permission

NOTICE! There is a chicom company ripping people off and claiming that they are selling these. ONLY purchase the one off art via the instagram page!

Where do I even start with this? One look at the motley Piston Head Army crew and you know these works of art are something special and out of the ordinary.  

The characters, think names like Shellshock, .45 ACP, Spray and Pray, Napalm, and Smoke ‘Em, are hand welded using various engine parts.  

The artist, Tyler Perry, owns Tiggerwelding.com which is a one man show. Tyler came up with the idea while enjoying some downtime and the rest is history!

My favorite is the Mini Gun Squad and I think “Napalm” is a close second! Go check them out and then report back here and leave your favorite character in the comments!

– Will

We have posted an update here with even more of the Piston Head Army Crew! https://blacksheepwarrior.com/piston-head-army-continuing-blow-mind/

How to get yours:

Piston Head Army on Facebook, Instagram 

10 thoughts on “The Piston Head Army, Tactical Art That Will Blow Your Gasket!”

  1. I ordered the piston head army off of Facebook. They advertise as made in USA, they came from China and they were plastic, huge disappointment, fake cheap crap, don’t buy.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think it’s important that we post this comment as many people are being ripped off by fake products. This piston head art is strictly sold via his instagram account and they are all one offs. Its really unfortunate that you were ripped off but you will need to purchase via his instagram account to buy a legit one. He has addressed this on instagram. Sorry I know this is poor consolation.

    2. Did the same thing. Waited 2 months and got something shipped from Wuhan China that was either plastic or wood half assed carved by hand by what looks like a child. No metal pistons or salvaged parts whatsoever. Total rip off. DO NOT BUY from Facebook or youkef.com website

    1. We understand there are fake rip off companies selling these. The art in this article is legitimately sold as one off pieces and only via his instagram. Sorry you got scammed that sucks.

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