Piston head Army

Piston Head Army, Continuing to Blow our Minds!

Piston Head Army, Continuing to Blow Our Minds!

Images used with permission

First of all, if you arrived here from Pinterest then we want to welcome you to Blacksheepwarrior.com! Please feel free to Pin any of these images and share with your friends and the rest of our Pinterest family!

So, back in September of 2014, we did our first post highlighting the Piston Head Army, a motley crew/collection of mechanical warriors. The images have been shared thousands of times and we thought that it was time for an update to our favorite misfit art! Check out the brand new A10 tank buster! You can find out more about the cool art by visiting Tigger Welding on Instagram

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– Will

One of my favorites is the Piston Head Army A10 Warthog!

And the P40 Warhawk…..

And the Piston Head Army Chess Set!

And our all time favorite!


How to get yours:

Piston Head Army on FacebookInstagram 


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