10/22 stock review

Magpul Hunter X22 Stock Review

Magpul Hunter X22 Stock Review

By: Crackerjack

I am a Ruger 10/22 fan. Even with the drought and subsequent 22 long rifle ammo price increase, plinking is the most fun for your buck.  The 10/22 can be a bit too basic out of the box and leaves a bit to be desired, depending on the model purchased.  So, over the past few years I have upgraded and swapped out different 10/22 parts.  Insert shameless plug for Brownells. 

On my quest to upgrade the 10/22 I started with a new Houge stock and a bull barrel.  Both parts are abundant and easy for a non-gunsmith to swap out.  I also followed the mighty internet’s advice and upgraded the V-Block. (a part that attaches to the receiver and sits underneath the barrel to prevent barrel sag caused by the heavy barrel.)  I finished off the project with a Barska scope from my local gun store.  The best part about the build was that I was able to feel like I had a customized 22 without breaking the bank.


After a few years and a few thousand rounds later, I got my hands on the Magpul Hunter X22 stock.  The Hunter X22 was easy to customize to meet my personal preference.  The stock has several points of customization.  First, you may add any number of 6 inserts to increase the stock’s length.  This feature gives the ability for short or tall folks of all ages to feel comfortable in proportion to the grip.  Second, Magpul has optional flat, medium and high cheek risers. This is a great feature for those that choose to use optics.  I chose the medium height.

For those that chose bull barrels like my 18 inch Shaw, there is a reversible insert under the barrel. one side snugs up to a bull barrel, the other side will cradle your stock pencil barrel.

Magpul placed 3 M-LOK slots on each side and underside of the stock giving you 9 slots total to direct mount your M-LOK accessories……of which there are many!

Range Time:

One thing I forgot to mention…  I am right handed, except with long guns.  The Hunter X22 is great whether you are a lefty or righty!  The higher comb made looking through the optic comfortable and felt natural.  I re-sighted my scope to adjust for my higher line of sight.  Within a couple of dial turns I was feeling good about my groupings.
I was shooting Remington bulk ammo which shot dirty even for 22 LR.  You can see it on the fore end and near the ejection port on some of the pictures.  This didn’t bother me much as I like to regularly use and clean my firearms.


The Magpul Hunter X22 Stock is a user friendly yet highly customizable product perfect for both beginners and experts.
The stock itself feels solid in hand, has a non-slip texture, and looks great. It has everything I need while staying sleek and simple. One day, this will be the rifle that I use to teach firearms safety and marksmanship to my son..and I’m sure the Magpul Hunter X22 Stock will be up to the task!


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