Magpul Armorer Wrench Review

The Magpul Armorer Wrench Review

By: Skipjack

Its time, once again, to look at one of Magpul’s new armorer’s tools. You may remember that we previously posted up a review of the Magpul BEV block by Steve Coulston and the response was so positive that Will asked me to take a look at the Magpul Armorer Wrench!

First impressions of the Magpul Armorer’s Wrench is that it looks and feels like a wrench. Furthermore, in my opinion, the simplicity of design and ease of use are miles ahead of all previous versions of AR 15 Armorer’s tools that I have used.

However, I realize its just an armorer’s wrench so lets take a look at it for what it is!

The Magpul barrel nut wrench and the castle nut wrench are at opposite ends of the tool, lending for maximum torque when completing your AR-15 build. The barrel nut wrench is two-sided, with maximum points of contact for both standard and aftermarket barrel nuts.

For anyone who has mangled a castle nut and destroyed the threads on their buffer tube, you’re going to like the Magpul castle nut tool. It has 3 points of contact so you can do things right the first time. There is a cut out where a half-inch torque wrench can be placed with quick reference torque values on the handle.

I am a big fan of the two flattened and weighted points on the barrel nut side of the Magpul wrench. Perfect for a field expedient swing press (mechanic jargon for hammer).

In case you didn’t realize, the world is full of bottle openers from college kid’s belt buckles to the bumper on your car. Magpul has generously provided you with another one.

The Magpul Armorer’s wrench is made in America with hardened steel and a phosphate finish. Magpul has tried to keep it stupid simple while other multitools look like they are something you’d use to fix the Millennium Falcon. (No offense to the Millennium Falcon, it made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.) 

Just look at the crazy number of different shapes and styles available on Amazon…..

But when we are talking about high speed in this galaxy, it looks like Magpul has done it again with a solid, must-have piece of equipment that Han and Chewie would be proud to own.


The Magpul castle nut wrench is closed ended which means you will need to carefully slide it along the buffer tube being careful not to scrape the finish off. Definitely not hard accomplish to do if you are careful.

Parting thoughts:

So, to wrap things up, would the Millennium falcon have made the Kessel run in 10 Parsecs if Han and Chewie had the Magpul Armorer Wrench? I guess we will never know…….

Remember, this product was made by warfighters for warfighters.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

Where to get it:

MTG TACTICAL (BSW’s retail sister site)


And if that wasn’t enough…….

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  1. I was there when you guys made the Kessel run in record time. But Mickey bought the Universe in Oct 2012 (Hmmmm the epicenter of the ammo price boom) and said everything that was ever done before that moment was a myth.. Here we are with this tool in our hand. Tool with a trigger.

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