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If you follow Instagram, then you may have noticed that there is an entire subculture centered on Every-Day Carry (EDC) pocket tools. These tools range from simple bottle openers to multi-functional tools with screwdrivers and wrenches.  Some of them even have built in self-defense capabilities.  Regardless of the type and function of the tool, there is no arguing that the EDC Tools of Instagram have an almost cult-like following.  In fact, many of these tools can only be found on Instagram and can only be purchased by direct messaging the maker.  In what is without a doubt a Black Sheep Warrior first, we will take a look at just a few of the high-quality EDC Tools that have become so popular.

100 Handcrafted Knuckle Keychain

Husband and wife team @aprildes50 and @gdes11 run a company they call 100 Handcrafted. Their EDC creations include Knucks and Knuckle Keychains, Key-Bar attachments and scales, custom knife handles, and more.  Their tools and creations, some of which are patent pending, are literally functional pieces of art.  A quick look at @aprildes50 and you will see that her artistic capabilities with resin and color combinations, as well as her photographic talent, result in some absolutely stunning creations.  The tool shown here is one of their EDC Knuckle Keychains made from ACU patterned G10.  A skull beaded lanyard touches off this sweet little piece.  The quality of hand-made craftsmanship of this piece is phenomenal!   @aprildes50 and @gdes11 stand behind the quality of every item they make.  Contact them directly through their Instagram accounts to purchase one of their many creations.

Acid Drop Dropener

Acid Drop Designs (Instagram Handle: @aciddropdesigns) is located across the pond in Yorkshire, England, and makes a simple EDC tool called the Dropener.  The Dropener is a knuckle-style bottle opener.  This tool is small and quite compact, making it easy to throw in a pants pocket or clip on a key ring.  Every Dropener is a one-of-a-kind creation with varying materials, colors, and textures.  The one displayed here is made out of solid copper.  The Dropener runs in the neighborhood of £35.00 (You know, that weird currency they use over in England) on the Acid Drop website.

American Steel Worx Ruffian

You may remember American Steel Worx (Instagram Handle: @americansteelworx) from the Black Sheep Warrior Just A Marker review.  Well, they have their own version of an EDC multi-tool, the Ruffian.  The Ruffian has a bottle opener and a ¼” bit driver.  The plain Jane stainless version shown here runs $49.99 and can be purchased here at the American Steel Worx website.  If you are in the mood for a more colorful version of the Jack-o-Lantern shaped Ruffian, ASW has a whole bunch to choose from.  They have quite a few other nifty little products as well.

Steel Wood Union Rapid Intervention Tool (RIT)

Firefighter-owned Steel Wood Union (Instagram Handle: @steelwoodunion) has some unique EDC products, but is probably best known for the Rapid Intervention Tool (RIT).  The RIT is an awesome EDG tool with tons of functionality.  The RIT includes a twist-off bottle opener, ¼” wrench bi/bit drive, spanner wrench, bottle opener, ½” wrench, 3/8” wrench, 7/16” wrench, O2 tank/wingnut wrench, and a glass breaker.  You can also find other applications for this tool if you look hard enough.  The finishing touch on this tool, in case you missed it, is that it is shaped to resemble a firefighter.  The aluminum version of the RIT shown here sells for $80.00 and can be purchased through the Steel Wood Union website

In the spirit of the Boy Scout motto, always be prepared!  The tools highlighted here can bring you one step closer to being prepared for whatever life throws your way.  Whether it’s breaking open a bottle to quench your thirst, keeping track of your keys, or improvising a weapon, one of these tools may just offer what you need at the time you need it.

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Photo Credits: Chad McBroom

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