Snake Eater Tactical Burro Pistol Mag Pouch Review

By: Bull Dog

Burro Mag Pouch review

My initial impression of the Snake Eater Tactical “Burro” Magazine Pouch was one of caution, because I have never used an open top mag pouch before.  In spite of this, the Burro pouch appeared promising as it was well made using heavy duty materials.

Burro Mag Pouch Review

I was pleasantly surprised with the retention capability of the Burro after inserting my fully loaded HK .40 caliber steel magazine. Even after turning the Burro upside down and shaking it, the magazine held securely in place. Despite the excellent retention, the magazine slid out without any difficulty when gripped and pulled.

Inserting magazines and other like sized objects is easily accomplished one handed due to the kydex inserts that are built into the pouch.

Burro Mag Pouch Review

I proceeded in testing the elasticity and retention capability of the Burro pouch with several items that I regularly carry on duty. Items such as flashlights, a collapsible steel baton, multi tool, monocular, and a wide variety of different magazines (both steel and composite).

The elasticity and retention capability of the Burro was exceptional. The Burro pouch could easily except either a D cell Maglite or a 32 round high-capacity Glock magazine. Even with just the top two inches inserted, both the flashlight and magazine were held in place through a full range of motion.

After utilizing the Snake Eater Tactical Burro Mag Pouch for a week, I have only positive things to say. It attaches securely and maintains a low profile when empty. furthermore, it expands to accept everything I could need it to.

So far it has been a good, reliable, piece of equipment.  I will keep using it to see how it stands up to extended use and exposure to the elements!


The Snake Eater Tactical Burro Magazine Pouch attaches  to your kit via a Tactical Tailor Malice clip.

They are available at and come in black and coyote.


About the Author:

Bull Dog is a current law enforcement officer with over 7 years experience working for two different departments. 

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