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Snake Eater Tactical: Tourniquet Holder Review

Snake Eater Tactical: TQ Holder Overview

By: Chris Tran and Reign Precision

Chris Calvert from Snake Eater Tactical has carved a niche for himself in the tactical nylon world by creating minimalist, rugged, no-nonsense gear for the discriminating consumer.  I recently wrote about his outstanding Diamond Rigger Belt here, and Will just finished up a review of the Snake Eater Tactical Burro here.  Always the innovator, Snake Eater Tactical has come up with another great product that I have added to my rotation – a simple, but efficient Tourniquet Holder.

If you’re reading this via blacksheepwarrior.com, it’s a safe bet that I don’t need to go into the merits and real-world applicability of tourniquets.  So, let’s just get right down to it.  Tourniquet holders need to be accessible to both hands and easily manipulated under stress.  I prefer open-top TQ holders for this very reason; I don’t want to fumble with huge Velcro flaps or buckles getting in the way when I really need to access my TQ, or my buddy needs to strip it off of me if I’m incapacitated.

The TQ holder by Snake Eater Tactical, like all of their other gear, is well-though out; rugged, minimalist in nature, and won’t break the bank – and by that I mean a retail price of $20, with color options to boot.

So how does it work?  Unlike many TQ holders on the market today, the Snake Eater Tactical holder can be mounted both horizontally and vertically; either horizontally by weaving pre-sewn tabs through PALS webbing, or vertically with an included MALICE clip.  I elected to mount mine horizontally on the back of a Fight Light battle belt I picked up from

Tactical Tailor.

The TQ holder secures your CAT, SWAT, or similarly-sized TQ with two Velcro tabs.  The tabs are connected by a single piece of 550 cord that create a simple handle.  Simply rip on the handle to free the Velcro tabs, and the TQ is released.  Simple and easy to deploy with either hand.  Snake Eater Tactical thoughtfully includes a length of black and red cord so you can decide how hi-viz you want to be.

Snake Eater Tactical sets the standard for simple, well-executed, and economical gear.  Simply put, it works, it works well, and will not break the bank.  Well done.

– Chris

About the Author:

Chris is a police officer for a large municipality in the Pacific Northwest. He is a first generation immigrant who has chosen to give back to the country that has provided him with so much by serving his community as a police officer.

Chris writes equipment reviews aimed towards the everyday user with a focus on functionality, durability and cost effectiveness.


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Photo Credit: Blacksheepwarrior.com
Photo Credit: Blacksheepwarrior.com

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10 thoughts on “Snake Eater Tactical: Tourniquet Holder Review”

  1. This is a great product by Chris at Snake Eater! Don’t forget to check out our How do Tactical Tourniquets Compare? article and make sure you have one in your car or on your kit! Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question, Im sure Chris and Opie will be happy to respond. – Will

  2. It is an intriguing concept for a TQ holder for the tactical operator. I like the ease of access as it is essential in time of need and having it within a quick reach position on any tactical gear is a must. This holder is a one handed (either hand) operation and is small enough not to interfere with weapon operations and movement. It is a great idea to keep this outside of a blowout kit or as an addition.
    The only drawback I see is that the TQ needs to be covered in so manner to protect the velcro and operating mechanism. Many operators will leave this TQ in the holder and as we do so often, will drop gear, store it in our vehicles or generally abuse it. There is also many times when doing operations we will be belly crawling or dropping onto the ground and potentially damaging the TQ.This leads to grit and grim being rubbed into the TQ and can damage it causing failure at the time of need.
    My suggestion is to provide some sort of lightweight cover without compromising the easy operations of the holder. This may be easier said than done, but with TQ running $20-$30 each, many cannot afford to be replacing TQs at a drop of the hat.

      1. I have tried to keep the TQ in the packaging and then attaching it to my gear, but the plastic rattles and makes all kinds of noise when you are creeping. I have also tried the route of some of the other TQ holders, but many have a pouch and that is cumbersome.

      1. I like it…is there a way to have the TQ be held in place after removing the dustcover? I am thinking if the operator is standing and the TQ drops to the deck it may be hard to grab. Maybe a thin, easy rip piece of velcro to hold it in place (thin enough to pop off with a slight tug)? It would also be able to hold it in place if an operator is creeping and accidentally pops it open.

        Great concept!

  3. Snake Eater Tactical

    As Will mentioned below, this is definitely a minimalist approach to the TQ holder. Much better than rubber bands, faster than elastic bands, cheaper and lighter than kydex. As a civilian shooter, I don’t often have to drop and crawl through debris or vegetation. I think a pouch or covering is not asking for much. I will address this ASAP and get a sample to Will and Chris for review. FOR ANYONE INTERESTED, FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF BLACK FRIDAY, 2014 S.E.T. WILL SEND AN EXTRA TQ HOLDER WITH ANY PURCHASE OF A TQ HOLDER. JUST MENTION THIS ARTICLE IN THE COMMENTS BOX AT CHECKOUT.

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