BE Meyers 249F

B.E. Meyers 249F Flash Hider Review

By: Echo Foxtrot

Before we get into the 249F and its performance lets take a look at the B.E. Meyers company and where it came from.

In 1972, a traveling salesman and a United Airlines flight attendant started an explosive business in their Seattle home.

A business’s true story lies deeper than the company’s product line or the pedigree of its executives. A family owned company the B.E. Meyers story is Brad Meyer’s own quintessential American success story of struggle, entrepreneurship, and innovation – and one that didn’t start with lasers.

Brad began the company over 40 years ago with underwater demolition work. When a charge was set off too close to a ship’s hull with a cargo of porcelain toilets, underwater demolition work evolved into a home astronomy business. Night vision, long-range surveillance systems, and high-power infrared and visible lasers for weapons came next. The renowned Infrared Zoom Laser Illuminator Designator (IZLID ®) products set the stage for a series of increasingly effective and successful laser-based solutions. Since the introduction of the IZLID®, laser illuminators and pointers have evolved to diode and microchip-assembly devices in visible and infrared wavelengths that range in power up to 4 watts.

Over 40 yeas later, B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is still a family business that prides itself on serving the needs of the warfighter with passion, ingenuity, and innovation.

Lets get to it.

As you read above B.E. Meyers has a long history manufacturing night vision devices and lasers for the military, so it makes sense they would make a kick-ass signature reduction device to reduce interference during night operations while using said optical devices.

Many of you may have seen the extensive testing data comparing several popular muzzle devices for flash signature, sound and muzzle compensation by Andrew Tuohy of Vuurwapen Blog. I think many were surprised by the results and some maybe not. Regardless, it is such valuable data that I highly recommend you take a moment to educate yourself by checking out the links later on in this article.

One of the clear winners, if there is such a thing, was B.E. Meyers who up until a short time ago only sold their 249F 5.56 muzzle device to the U.S. Military for use on the M249 (SAW) machine gun.

Vurrwapen Blog Tests:

Flash Comparison

Sound Comparison

Recoil Comparison

Not only did Andrew Tuohy’s detailed review show how well the 249 performed in an independent study conducted by JSOC, the BE Meyers Flash Hider rose above the competition as a top performer, and has been the choice of military units for nearly two decades!

It really can’t be done better then Mr. Tuohy has shown. His extensive testing and slow motion work is amazing. As an end user I had the opportunity to put to the 249F to the test on the range and see how it pans out to the common shooter. It’s worth all the hype. I thought the recoil mitigation was good and performed well taking away the flash signature. Added bonus. It’s the good old sound of American freedom when those tuning forks start to sign.

The 249F

The BE Meyers 249 Series Flash Hider fits most AR-15, M4, and M249 style weapons (1/2×28 threads) and is lightweight at only 2.5 oz!  BE Meyers flash hiders virtually eliminate muzzle flash, preserving night vision while firing, preventing enemy detection of friendly positions and is easy and quick to install. 

Watch our BE Meyers 249F video here 


– NSN Number: 1005-01-526-3464

– Caliber: 5.56 mm


– Body Length: 2.75 in (69.85 mm)

– Body Diameter: 0.865 in (21.97 mm)

– Weight: 2.5 oz

Where to get it

Retail on the 249F flash hider is $149, however we found the average prices around $100-$120.

Found on sale for under $100 here:

Weapon Outfitters.

Don’t forget to check out the 240F 7.62 mm and if your feeling real kick ass the 2300F, .50 cal.

About the Author:

Echo Foxtrot (Eric) is a police officer for a large department in the Pacific Northwest, a firearms enthusiast and gear nerd.

Eric writes reviews with the end user in mind.  Either on the job or while training Eric uses almost every piece of gear you see him review. Eric’s reviews focus on durability and functionality giving the reader an honest opinion of the product.


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Photos provided by RPM Reign Precision Marketing / TracerX and Crossfire (Jody Lewis).

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