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Quarter Circle 10 LLC, A Behind the Scenes Look…..

Quarter Circle 10, LLC A Behind the Scenes Look……….

Well, a few weeks back, Opie and I had a chance to do a walk through and meet the owners of Quarter Circle10, LLC maker of pistol caliber AR-15s. we were also joined by my 5 year old son Daniel, who was mouth agape for the majority of the walk through.

Opie had a special interest in this walk through as he is the proud owner of a 9mm receiver. His experiences and final build photos can be seen here.

Quarter Circle 10, LLC is a new company that has taken over and is eager to prove that they are the premier AR pistol caliber brand!

The Quarter Circle 10, LLC walk through began by personally meeting the owners, Bettina Mathis and Russ Klawunn. Both Bettina and Russ immediately began explaining how excited they were to finally have the shop operational and the hissing and clanking sounds off CNC milling machines was reverberating through the office walls. 

My son Daniel looked up at me as if to say, “Dad, is there a pissed off robot behind that door and when do we get to see it”? My response was typical and an unimaginative, patience son…..and don’t touch anything!

As we followed Russ and Bettina through a single door leading to the back of the shop, I was immediately hit with the scale and seriousness that makes up this new, and practically un heard of company. We were immediately surrounded by four large, humming CNC mills. Russ commented that one of their biggest challenges was finding space for another mill that was arriving soon. I immediately understood the challenge as the larger machines were augmented by several smaller ones such as the one pumping out feed ramps.

Russ, never skipped a beat and picked up Daniel and began explaining the computer screen as well as showing him the finished feed ramps sitting naked in a box. 

He also stopped and pointed out the machine that was methodically cranking out pistol caliber lowers. Daniel was almost more enthralled with the never ending stream of aluminum shavings that proved Russ’s point that not all aluminum is fit to be a Quarter Circle 10 AR-15!

Next on the tour was the engraving process where the lowers received their serial numbers! 

Russ and Bettina have some big plans moving forward but first they want to let the world know that they are open for business and want to see folks enjoying their pistol caliber rifles!

Quarter Circle 10, LLC already has three receiver types available for purchase including GLOCK Magazine small/large frame and Colt 9mm.

They are also manufacturing specific pistol caliber bolts including the one we got our hands on for the .40. See pictures.

Barrels are also made in house and are available in 9mm, .40, .357 and .45. All are available on their site.

Our tour was wrapped up with a surprise gift to my son Daniel as Russ and Bettina gifted him a half machined blank and explained why it didn’t make the cut!

All and all, it was a great time and we encourage you to start following QCIRCLE10.com on Facebook and Instagram!

There is a lot in the works and you are going to want to see it!

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