Elzetta Mini CQB

Elzetta Mini CQB Weapon Light

Elzetta Mini CQB Weapon Light

So, this is not a Elzetta Mini CQB Weapon Light review but actually just an informational post as we actually sell these, made in the USA, tactical lights in the Gear Store.

In fact, we have never reviewed Elzetta lights, as we felt it was a conflict of interest. So, yes I am a big Elzetta Light fan and yes we do sell them and no this is not an Elzetta Mini CQB review but an expression off my love for the lights and inner capitalist!………crud am I allowed to say that still? I guess the thought police are still busy hunting down owners of confederate flags so I’m probably good for now!!!

So, what is it about these Elzetta Mini CQB weapon lights that has prompted me to do this post? 

Let me start by saying that I am most impressed by the quality and brightness of the LEDs that Elzetta uses. These LED are top quality so they will not project a blueish hue but an actual true white light. To be perfectly honest, they are more similar to a traditional halogen bulb in visible light. In the case of the Elzetta Mini CQB Weapon Light, the lumen output is about 375 lumens!

Secondly, the electronics are fully potted meaning that they will not move about, break, or be susceptible to water damage.  In fact, you can fully submerse an Elzetta light and take it apart/put it back together and it will work!

Thirdly, if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you will probably have seen videos of us rolling over one of our Charlie (3 cell) flashlights. We rolled over that light with some seriously heavy trucks including a very large, fully loaded box truck. The Charlie hasn’t broken and I seriously doubt that it ever will!

So, why doesn’t it break? Well, that is because Elzetta over builds the light and the lens is solid all the way to the LED so there is no dead space to be crushed!

Some other salient points regarding the Elzetta Mini CQB Weapon Light.

The mount made for and used by the Elzetta Mini CQB is manufactured through a partnership with a company called Impact Weapons Components. 

The mount us practically universal as you can use the same hardware to mount the light on either M-LOK or the disdained Keymod……… If you are still running old school picattiny rails, you will find a model available as well.

Another cool detail about all Elzetta lights, are the numerous tailcap/tape switch options. Now typically for a handheld light, I go with click on/off as I always want full power when the fecal matter hits the fan! However, Elzetta has struck a coord with the tactical community by offering a high/low option that actually makes sense!!!

Get this, if you want full power to be the default setting, then you simply twist the tail switch on tightly, click it on and it effectively makes the light a on/off tail cap model. however, when you enter a building and want to search, you can slowly twist the tail cap until the preferred level of output is achieved.  This is really cool as a Bravo (650 lumen two cell) or Charlie (900 lumen 3 cell) can really burn up batteries and in the case of the Charlie model, is effectively too bright for urban building searches.

Finally, we would like to offer you a 15% off discount on all our Elzetta Lights! Use the coupon code “Elzetta”. This will save you a ton! Check them all out here!

So, we hope you take a moment to look into these lights especially if you are serving in the line of  fire and need the best light possible! Make sure you email us if you have any questions.

Stay Safe,


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