Yates Tactical Rappel Harness Review

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Upon being handed a Yates Tactical Rappel harness, my initial thought was, “great idea, in a pinch.”  I thought there was no way I’d willingly be caught hanging on a few hundred feet of static rope for any length of time wearing a “tactical rappel harness.”  I stand corrected.
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I have used the harness while rappelling out of helicopters at over 70 feet, working on rescue situations, and hanging for extended periods of time while being extracted.  The harness is easily as comfortable my other rescue harnesses, minus a full body harness.  
I have also worked countless hours wearing the belt, harness stowed in the pouch, which I would never do wearing or carrying a full harness around.  The pouch containing the leg loops goes virtually unnoticed to the operator while working under normal conditions.
Yates harness2
Whether you are a tactical operator with a rappel capability, a recreational hiker/canyoneer, or part of a rescue team, this harness is versatile, easily employed, and a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment.  It is also easily employed with little to no practice. 
There are similar rigger’s belts with attachable/detachable leg loops made by Yates and other companies.  These come in handy if your day to day work requires a rated riggers belt and the possibility of needing a harness at any moment, but don’t want to wear a belt with a pouch on the front.  The leg loops can be stored in a pocket, backpack, or on one’s belt.
Yates has come out with multiple models and colors for all of your needs.  They are reliable and one of the most convenient things I carry with me at work.
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– Postman

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