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Team Wendy Updates Its Epic Air Helmet Liner System


Team Wendy has just announced a new and improved version of their Epic Air Helmet Liner for ACH/MICH Style helmets. In addition to the Epic Air, Team Wendy, Makers of the EXFIL line of Ballistic/Bump Helmets, makes a variety, of highly recommended, helmet liners. You can read our Epic Liner system review from when it first came out here.

The Epic Air Helmet Liner is one of those upgrades that every department/unit or individual needs to make to modernize and bring their helmets up to speed.

Here at, we are also testing the Team Wendy Ballistic Helmet which is currently overseas receiving a lot of thumbs up!

According to Team Wendy:

CLEVELAND – An unsurpassed combination of protection and comfort. That is how customers describe our EPIC Air Helmet Liner System. The original EPIC Air was introduced to the market in 2011 as a helmet padding/liner system that could be installed in common ground combat helmets, designed to provide a high level of comfort and breathability while maintaining compatibility with communication headsets. The new EPIC Air retains many of the original design elements including its Zorbium® foam liner exceeding current ACH blunt impact protection requirements, with improvements that provide better fit, comfort, stability, and even further optimized air ventilation patterns to the end user.

The EPIC Air Helmet Liner System is available through and authorized Team Wendy distributors.

EPIC Air Liner System: AT A GLANCE


  • Zorbium® foam liner with new liner shapes that are designed to fit both “high cut” and “standard cut” helmets
  • Improved Comfort pad shapes that offer an increased surface area to eliminate pressure points
  • Overhead communications channel that has been reshaped due to customer feedback
  • Accommodates all ground combat helmet compatible communications systems
  • Improved air channel components- reduced size and rounded out edges for more comfortable wear
  • Simplified Sizing- now comes into 2 sizes (M/L and XL) making it easier for the customer when selecting their size option


  • Exceeds current blunt impact protection requirements of the Advanced Combat Helmet (AR/PD 10-02)

Check it out!

Team Wendy

A team Wendy Ballistic being used overseas…

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