Ace of Blades Apparel

Introducing Ace of Blades Apparel!

Ace of Blades Apparel was started in 2014 by two full-time Law Enforcement Officers, Mark McCool Jr. and Ruben Meneses, who both had a passion for knives. They looked at all of the gun-themed apparel companies and realized that there were no apparel companies out there that catered to the knife culture. They decided to change that and started their own blade-themed apparel company.

Ace of Blades Apparel offers high-quality 100% American-made clothing with one-of-a-kind designs that allow the wearer to express his or her love for edged weapons. Every shirt and hoodie is printed in their home state of Michigan. In addition to their original designs, they have teamed up with some legendary knife makers, such as Kirby Lambert and J. Nelson to offer some exclusive collaborative designs. Their women’s cut V-neck shirts are exceptionally gorgeous and are a great choice for lady knife-lovers who are tired of having to wear men’s T-shirts.

I can attest first-hand to the quality and comfort of these shirts. Mark sent me a few shirts a while back, and I can say that they have quickly become some of my favorite shirts. Their designs are real head-turners, especially when you wear them to a gun and knife show like I did. I spent most of my time telling people where I got my “Black Knives Matter” shirt!

If you are a knife lover and want to show off your love for knives, or if just want an extremely well made piece of clothing with a stylish design, then check out Ace of Blades Apparel. You will not be disappointed. Also be sure to give them a follow on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

Photo Credits: Chad McBroom

Photo Credits: Chad McBroom & Ace of Blades Apparel

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