LEO Armory Predator PMAG Series

LEO Armory Predator PMAG Series Limited Edition Box Set

LEO Armory Predator PMAG Series Limited Edition Set

My good friend Jeff from LEO Armory has just announced his long awaited Predator PMAG Series Limited Edition Set!!!

This awesome set of laser engraved PMAGS has been in the works for a while now and Im proud to say that I finally have a set myself. Check it out and don’t forget to check out the artist, Sweyda as well. 

According to LEO Armory:

LEO Armory is proud to announce the PREDATOR PMAG® SERIES Limited Edition Box Set. This collaborative project between LEO Armory andillustration powerhouse SWEYDA captures the essence of alpha predators in edgy, modern works of art, uniquely suited for the unconventional canvas of the polymer magazine.

Limited to 500 3-Pack sets, the PREDATOR PMAG SERIES Box Set includes three laser engraved Magpul® PMAG® AR-15 M3™ Polymer Magazines, each with matching serial numbers, that have been permanently laser engraved with Sweyda’s edgy and hard hitting interpretation of three of the most iconic top-tier predators: The Wolf (Canis lupus)… The Lion (Panthera leo)… and The Tiger (Panthera tigris). This box set also includes a specially designed, reversible acrylic display frame, a 2″ coin, which serves as the Certificate of Authenticity, and 3 mini PMAG® key chainsthat feature the artwork from the magazines.

How it all started:

Jared Mirabile, the creative force behind Sweyda, had designed LEO Armory’s logo several years ago, and since then LEO Armory had retained Sweyda’s graphic design services on several other projects. After LEO Armory released the “We The People” limited edition collaborative PMAG® with another artist, Jared approached Jeff “Leo” Morris, the co-founder of LEO Armory, with the idea of engraving a set of polymer magazines with artwork based on predators. After multiple design changes, hundreds of hours of development, and many late nights, the result is the PREDATOR PMAG® SERIES Limited Edition Box Set.

Sweyda provided the artwork for the magazines, the box top, and the certificate of authenticity “coin,” and team LEO tackled the box bottom, paper certificate, frame design, engraving, assembly and final packaging. All materials used in the creation of this project are obtained from U.S. manufacturing sources, with a focus on local businesses, and are processed, engraved, cut, and assembled at the LEO Armory facility in Tucson, Arizona.


Jared Mirabile, a.k.a. Sweyda, is an industry staple, known for his fresh style of illustration which is a delicious blend of hardcore edges and silky smooth lines.

SWEYDA exists as a multi disciplinary creative studio that draws from a fundamental expression of being guided by holism. With roots deep in traditional illustration, each piece conveys an authentic and genuine quality of being hand crafted and is labored over to not only reflect the clients uniqueness and brand individuality, but to capture and communicate a stylistic tone that separates it from the competition and rises above the market noise. The works, products, and other creations all reinforce a guiding principal of being focused on quality & diversity over quantity.

With over 20 years of creative experience in a variety of disciplines, SWEYDA exists to offer fresh, innovative merchandise, custom type and vector illustrations.

To see more of Sweyda’s amazing artwork visit http://www.sweyda.com

About LEO Armory:

Conceived in early 2005, by the husband and wife team of Jeff and Meredith Morris, the company was formed by these two military veterans with the goal of offering top-tier, high quality products and providing exceptional customer service. For the company name, they chose the acronym from Meredith’s civilian profession that stand for Law Enforcement Officer – LEO.

Shortly after its inception, LEO Armory’s founders saw a need for customlaser engraving services and shifted the company’s focus from solely selling firearms and accessories to providing engraving and marking services to firearm enthusiasts, and manufacturers.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer service LEO Armory has earned a reputation as the “go-to” shop for custom laser engraving. LEO Armory continues to serve the engraving and part marking needs of the firearm community as well as a wide variety of other industries who desire exceptional quality laser etching, deep-metal engraving, color shifting and other marking services. To purchase the PREDATOR PMAG SERIES Limited Edition Box Set visit http://predators.leoarmory.com

Where to get yours:


Image Credit:

Chad McBroom of Comprehensive Fighting Systems.

Magpul, PMAG, and M3 are trademarks of Magpul Industries Corp. Reference to these trademarks above, does does not indicate affiliation, sponsorship, approval or endorsement of the Predator Series by Magpul Industries Corp.

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  1. I’m guessing you can’t get just 3 of the middle (LION) that you have to get all 3 because there’s only 500 sets made & are serial numbered?

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