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Kinetic Development Group MREX for SCAR

Kinetic Development Group Announces the MREX for SCAR

Just launched Monday the Kinetic Development Group is hitting the ground running with its announcement of the MREX for SCAR. Read below for more.

Today marks the debut of Kinetic Development Group. KDG is a new firearms accessories and solutions company founded by former key executive sales and development team members of LWRC International. Based out of Easton, Maryland, KDG is the result of its founders’ desire to preserve the momentum and “kinetic” energy they use to such collective success before. The goal is to bring the highest possible qualities of firearms accessories to the tactical/firearms market, focusing specifically on areas that are currently underserved.

To that end the team of Dave Loeser, Darren Mellors and AJ Lafferty will begin by addressing the SCAR family of weapons. First will be an improvement to the SCAR L/H they call the MREX (Modular Receiver Extension).

Don’t forget to read our SCAR MREX review here.

Says Mellors,

“We are purposely avoiding the overcrowded AR market as we believe we, our former company, and hundreds of other AR manufacturers have evolved that platform about as far as it can go. The focus will start on underserved products like the FN SCAR and HK 416/MR series. We have started to improve these two European weapons families to meet the needs of the American shooters, Warfighters and Law Enforcement Officers.”

KDG will release products that are tested and ready for market from the beginning, refusing to do what so many companies do – releasing products months or years before they are truly ready, often requiring later evolutions.

When it comes to sales, AJ Lafferty is candid.

“Part of my job is to identify the best dealers in the country that share our values and culture, and sell complimentary quality products and services. We want them to share in our success.”

KDG’s David Loeser says, “We have a proven history of success developing products in the US commercial market and have proven relevant overseas. I’m confident the market will be impressed with they see coming from Kinetic down the road”.

Since publishing this post, our sister store has started selling the newer version of the SCAR MREX II. Check it out here.

For further information, contact AJ Lafferty at AJ(at) 

The guys from Breach Bang Clear have already gotten their hands on this, click here to see what the Mad Duo think!

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