Maverick Customs Model 42 Pry Bar

Maverick Customs Model 42 Pry Bar

Somebody once said, “A knife is the most expensive pry bar and the most inefficient screwdriver you will ever own.”  Not to mention the fact that if you carry a knife primarily for self-protection, then using it to cut open packages and boxes will likely ensure that your blade is not in its best condition if you ever have to use it to save your life.  James Robert Buckley, owner of Maverick Customs understands these issues, which is why the mission of his company is to provide the most affordable hard-use tools on the market.  Tools that do those dirty jobs that a knife shouldn’t. 

The subject of this review, the 6” Model 42 Pry Bar, is just one version of the handmade EDC pry bars offered by Maverick Customs.  Like most Maverick Custom tools, the 42 is constructed out of ATI Defensive Strike Plate titanium.  Buckley has figured out a unique way to turn titanium black without using Cerakote or DLC the way most knife companies do.  The resulting effect of Buckley’s blackening process is a unique dark finish, which in this case is given a very nice color accent using an anodizing process.  Topping of this beautiful color combination is a blue Ti 6-4 titanium pocket clip, which is as attractive as it is functional. 

The 6” 42 is extremely lightweight due to its titanium construction and patterned drilling.  I frequently carried the 42 clipped to the inside of the bottom pocket of my cargo shorts.  The weight was so negligible that it wasn’t even enough to cause my pocket to shift when I walked.  So if you are thinking that the presence of an additional EDC tool like the 42 is more than you can handle, realize that this chunk of metal only weighs around two ounces.

So why do you need a tool like the 42?  Well, for starters, how many times have you used your knife blade to pry something open?  Why not use, say, a pry bar instead?  The pry-bar tip of the 42 tappers to a fairly sharp edge, allowing it to slide into those narrow openings that you’ve probably thought only a knife blade or screwdriver tip would slide into.  Plus, the sharp edge works well for cutting open boxes and other things that unnecessarily dull your knife blade.  The corner of the edge will work as a window punch in the event you were to find yourself needing to evacuate your vehicle unconventionally, or rescue someone else trapped inside a wrecked vehicle.

Prying stuff open can work up a thirst.  If you decide to pick up a cold, bottled beverage after your work is done, you won’t have to look far for a bottle opener.  The 42 has a bottle opener on the side opposite the pocket clip.  Just flip the 42 around and pop the top off your drink.  The hole above the bottle opener is there as a lanyard attachment point if you choose to use one.

If you follow my writings much, then you know that I am a combatives guy who specializes in contact weapons.  The 42 doubles as an excellent impact weapon!  I found that this model worked well with my Palm Stick Integrations (PSI) system. The length is perfect for delivering hammer strikes against an opponent.  Keep in mind that this model does have a pretty sharp edge on it, so if you are going to use it as a weapon, make sure that you are justified in using deadly force.  Maverick Customs does offer a blunt version that serves primarily as an impact tool rather than a pry bar, so consider your options before buying.

The 42 and other Maverick Customs tools can be purchased through their Instagram or Facebook accounts via direct message.  Every piece is handmade and unique, so the aesthetics will vary from piece to piece.  Pieces like the 42 run in the $70.00 price range, but again every piece is a little different.  Buckley has also started making some interesting edged weapons and tools that are worth the time to check out.

Photo Credits: Chad McBroom

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