Warrior Assault Systems Covert plate Carrier Police

Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier Overview

Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier Overview

By Will

The Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier is one of the best built, most affordable and well designed covert rigs out there on the market today.  We tend to consider plate carriers to be like an insurance policy for those who put themselves in harms way.  And like any good insurance policy you get what you pay for. But The only problem is, Warrior’s North and South American distributor, Chase Tactical, is no longer importing Warrior gear.  There are some shops that still have them and you can scroll to the bottom of the article for some links.  

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The Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier weighs in at just over 1 pound for the slick version and a little over 1.5 lbs for the MK-1 version which features the velcro triple mag pouch.  The plate carrier was designed to be non-obtrusive and quite frankly its refreshing to see such a simple straight forward piece of kit being offered at the $120 price point that its currently at if you can still find it.

This kit is perfect for range days, low profile police and military work and a host of other applications.

Available Colors:

Currently the Warrior Covert Plate Carrier and Covert MK-1 model are manufactured in four colors: Black (if you can find it), OD Green, Coyote and official Multicam.  

The MK-1 Kits feature matching triple mag pouches however at the time of this writing only coyote is available for shipment with the Multicam plate carrier due to inventory issues.

The Warrior Covert Plate Carrier has been featured by a number of Blacksheepwarrior.com Instagram peeps including @TripleBravo and @Nine_Banger.  

The Covert Plate Carrier features ample velcro loop for police identifiers and badges (my favorite are the ones made by mil-spec Monkey check them out here)  T

he velcro loop is on both sides and like I said there is plenty! 

While we are talking about velcro…..we all know that velcro is no good if the stitching on the product is crap!  Warrior Assault Systems is known for their top notch quality stitching and I’ve even heard that some if not all is hand stitched. 

If you have ever talked plate carriers with me then you know I love low profile shoulder straps.  I just think that padded shoulder straps are unnecessary and tend to force pack straps and slings into the wearer’s neck causing strain and chafing over time.  This is really important for those of us who currently or used to hike all day in full kit.

The Covert Plate Carrier features a great elastic cummerbund that features two built in pouches that disappear when not in use.  They are large enough to store m-4 mags, tourniquets, radios and much more.  The elastic is good quality and is tight enough for smaller items like handcuffs, knives and I even use mine for my Elzetta Bravo flashlight.  

The cummerbund is fully adjustable both on the back where it is secured via velcro closure/flap (see picture below) and on the front.

The Triple Mag Pouches that come standard with the Covert Plate Carrier MK-1 feature the same quality velcro and stitching.  They are great at keeping your mags secure and you don’t need bungees or anything else to keep them from flying out.  

Where to find it:

Currently as of publication, you may be able to find some Warrior Covert Plate Carriers around the web.  

We know for a fact that MTG Tactical, (our sister store), has bought out all the remaining stock from Chase Tactical (about 60 Plate Carriers).  

We also assume that Warrior Assault Systems will find another importer (they are UK based) and when they do we will definitely update this article.

Currently you can google “Warrior Covert Plate Carrier” or use the links below


You can also save a bunch of money by grabbing one of MTG Tactical’s Active Shooter Kits that feature several ballistic plate options and include a Covert Plate Carrier Mk-1.  

Prices start at $364 including 2 full sized multi-hit Chase Tactical plates.


Use coupon code blacksheep and get free shipping! 

Stay Safe

– Will

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