Goat Gun AK-47 Review By Blacksheepwarrior.com

Goat Guns AK-47 Review

Goat Guns AK-47 Review

By Will

Normally our tactical gear reviews are pretty serious business…….today is a little more irreverent…… with the Goat Guns AK-47 review.

I have always had a fascination with small things (enter inappropriate joke from co-workers), I don’t know why but miniature replicas just seem really cool to me which probably explains why I have spent a lot of money on N-scale trains and RC Jeeps etc.  

The Goat Gun AK-47 pretty much hits that happy bone inside me and hopefully the following review and photos will give you a good idea what it’s all about.

About Goat Guns:

Goat Guns offers approximately 20 different types of Goat Gun models.  You can check them all out here https://goatguns.com  Goat Guns has a goat mascot named Sgt. Gunner who is cool but still not as cool as our very own Black Sheep 😉

I’m pretty impressed with the variety of Goat Guns available and the capitalist in me thinks that they are sitting on a powder keg of potential with some of their detailed accessories like optics and suppressors etc. (hope your listening SGT. Gunner).

The Goat Gun AK-47:

The Goat Guns AK-47 arrived fairly quickly along with a tracking number.  The box has a toyish look to it and all the parts are secured with clear tape.  

Inside the customer will find a bag containing screws, screwdriver and some other small parts like a spring and rod.

The first thing I did was take all the parts out and make sure everything was included.  It was and the only thing missing appeared to be an instruction sheet.  

That proved not to be an issue as Goat Guns has a video that clearly shows how to put everything together.  We will also have a quick time-lapse video embedded below!

Once I had laid out all the parts I couldn’t help but take some detailed photos of everything, sorry guys this is just too much fun.

The first thing you assemble when putting this all together is the barrel and faux wood furniture on the front end. The included hardware featured three fine threaded screws, one of which, is used to secure the gas block to the barrel.  

Remember not to tighten it all the way as you need some movement on these parts for the final assembly.

The second step is to connect the barrel assembly to the lower receiver.  This step required a little force as the finish on the parts made for a tight fit but it finally went in.  

Be sure to use the two remaining fine threaded screws to secure it.  Next install the light colored bolt and make sure it fits inside the groove.  Same goes for the hammer rod and spring.  

After the bolt has been installed it’s time to place the upper receiver over top of both newly installed parts.  The upper receiver should fit easily with the hammer rod fitting in the slot on the back exposed.  

The upper receiver I received was the only part on the Goat Gun AK-47 that seemed like it didn’t have the necessary quality control as the finish was a little light but not overly noticeable.

The next step is to screw on the buttock using the two included coarse threaded screws.  the buttock features a sling swivel that actually moves.  Hopefully we can purchase accessories such as slings etc. soon 🙂


The Goat Gun AK-47 includes one magazine and three faux cartridges.  The detail on the magazine is super cool!  I actually think the magazine is the coolest part of the whole build as you will probably realized already after seeing how many pictures I took of it! 

Wrap Up:

At about $40 dollars the GOAT Guns AK-47 isn’t the cheapest toy out there but I think when you get it built and use the included display stand you will find that the packaging is a little understated considering the quality of the model.  

I also think there should be some instructions included in the packaging and a catalog probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

I really want to keep this gun on my desk using the included metal display stand but I think it will be better put to use on a future giveaway so make sure you join our newsletter list.  Keep an eye out as this will be a hot giveaway!

Where to Buy it:

You can currently purchase the Goat Gun AK-47 at


They also have a cool Gold version here 


GOAT Gun AK-47 Video:

Hope you guys enjoyed this irreverent review!

– Will

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