EOG Short System NVG Counter-weight Review

EOG Short System NVG Counter Weight Review

EOG Short System NVG Counter-weight Review

EOG Short System NVG Counter Weight Review

By: Will


The Explosive Ops Gear (EOG) Short System NVG counter weight is a low profile, scaleable NVG counter weight with plenty of velcro hook! Add in top notch materials and build quality and you have a battle proven piece of US made gear that will last you for ever!

The Pouch:

If you have BlackSheepWarrior.com bookmarked (You better!) then you probably read Blizzard Actual’s review of the EOG Little Big Man NVG counter weight.  We were so impressed with the Little Big Man that we decided that we needed to try out some of the other NVG counter weight options from EOG (BTW the Little Big Man is currently loaned out to some helicopter pilots).

EOG Short System NVG Counter-weight Review

Enter the EOG Short System!

The Short System doesn’t sport a catchy name but it does sport a ton of rock solid features that are going to fill your NVG counter weight needs.

EOG Short System NVG Counter-weight Review

First off, the EOG Short System features a fully adjustable weight load of up to 1.04 LBS.  It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and has ample velcro hook to put your mind at ease.  The body of the counter weight is made from 1000 Denier CORDURA and features ample stitching to match. 

One of my favorite features is the velcro look on the outside of the pouch.  I have used it for, morale and glint patches.

The Weights:

As I stated above, you can adjust the weight load of the pouch up to 1.04 LBS using the three supplied weights.  The weights themselves are curved and didn’t move around or make any noise during our testing. As i just mentioned, the Short System weight plates are curved which means that they readily adapted to all the helmets that I tested the system on (Team Wendy LTP, CARBON, ACH and OPS-CORE). I typically run a PVS-14 night vision device so for most of my testing I only ran one or two of the metal weights.

Wrap Up:

If you run NVGs then you need to take a serious look at all of the EOG offerings.  The Short System is currently my favorite due to its slim profile and ample velcro.  Up next is the EOG Low Profile Short which is currently being put to the test by some of our military special operations contributors.  In the meantime, the Short System is going to stay right here on my treasured Team Wendy CARBON EXFIL and occasionally on my Ops-Core ballistic.

Where To Buy:

Explosive Ops Gear

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC)

Black Sheep Patch

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Stay Safe!

– Will

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