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Quartermaster Knives Hannibal Review By Echo Foxtrot


No spy secret here, Quartermaster knives are excellent

By Echo Foxtrot

Located in Central Texas the Quartermaster Knife Company was founded in 2012. The principals in the business have a combined 25 years of experience in aerospace and industrial design. From its inception, the goal of the Quartermaster is to design and develop a line of rugged, hand-crafted, American made knives in limited quantity but of ultimate quality. Designs inspired by Futurism & Metropolitan Cityscape the knives consist of hard angles and straight lines that look anything but natural. However, place one of the knives in your hand and it conforms for an unbelievable grip.

From the start you may notice something interesting. The founders of The Quartermaster were children of the eighties. The names of their creations poke some amusing fun at that fact.

Quartermaster Knives are built with the ORB Pivot Systems, Tri-Spoke Pivot assemblies, Chain Ring Bolts and use CPM – Crucible Particle Metallurgy. However I can throw a bunch of words, terms and parts lists at you but what does it all equal? What does it mean to the end user?

When I first got a look at the Quartermaster Hannibal I was to test I was a bit taken aback. The QTR-4 Hannibal is no small knife. With an overall length of 11 inches I honestly immediately assumed I would not like it. I’m not Rambo, what am I going to do with this? Then I picked it up, opened the blade and felt the balance. The ORB Pivot System and Tri-Spoke Pivot allow the knife to open with a smooth and effortless motion from closed to locked open. In yet another surprise the grip felt comfortable and strong. The all black Limo Tint had a good tactical look to it while keeping down any shine or reflection. Three small concerns I found with this knife. First while it has a pocket clip for its carry type I find it a bit too bulky for standard jean front pockets. Having said all of that it is a large knife so one would not likely carry it in such a place. A cargo pocket works out well. Second, like most knives the bar to unlock the knife to fold it back up is tough to manage. I don’t find this to be a significant issue. A locking mechanism cannot be easily defeated or accidentally bumped or it would make the knife unreliable to use. Moreover I need the knife to open fast, closing I have time for. Third and lastly the knives are not cheap. A bit of a high price point but the quality is there. All together a great knife to own. Whether hunting, fishing, camping or in soldiers hands on the front line it’s a knife built to last. I look forward to getting my hands on a few other models they make. I can’t help but think the A-Team would love a knife like this.

Quartermaster Knives, most certainly the right tool for the job.

Did I mention Made in the USA. ‘MERICA’

Check them out at www.quartermasterknives.com

Quartermaster Knives on Amazon

About the Author:

Echo Foxtrot (Eric) is a police officer for a large department in the Pacific Northwest, a firearms enthusiast and gear nerd.

Eric writes reviews with the end user in mind.  Either on the job or while training Eric uses almost every piece of gear you see him review. Eric’s reviews focus on durability and functionality giving the reader an honest opinion of the product.


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