Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe Kydex Holster Review

For those who have made the decision to be carry concealed the second most important piece of equipment is our concealment holster. It must adequately retain our weapon during normal activity, help to minimize its profile and be comfortable enough that we will actually wear it. I have tried a number of concealment methods including pocket carry, ankle carry and inside the waistband. The method that is most in line with my training is inside the waistband carry. I am used to presenting from waist level and out, so for my daily concealed carry this is the method I choose.

I’ve used a couple of different holsters through the years. I started with a ballistic nylon holster that didn’t keep its shape and was not terribly comfortable. I progressed to an ultra-thin kydex holster made by a small custom shop. The concealability was there but the setup wasn’t the most comfortable and the belt clips didn’t keep the holster in place very well. After a few years of trial and error I found the Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe. (

Crossbreed holsters are known for being ugly but comfortable. The contributing factor to the ugliness and comfort is the leather backing to the holsters. When I got the SuperTuck for my Walther PPS I was a little skeptical about the rough appearance of the leather backing that was going to be up against my side. I needn’t have been. The leather is soft and feels very comfortable against your skin. The leather backing is the platform that supports a molded kydex outer shell that is molded to your model of pistol. The kydex surrounds the top, bottom and outside of your pistol. The leather is the backing for the kydex completing the shell and aiding retention. There are two black spring clips, one at each edge of the SuperTuck. The factory option provides clips to slip over your belt and there are other options to include a J-clip that hooks under your belt. The holster is adjustable for ride depth and cant. Mine was perfect from the factory but it’s a nice option to have.

As the name implies you are able to tuck in your shirt over the holster should you need to dress up or that’s your expected level of dress. Your shirt tucks in between the clip, which comes up from its attachment point and folds over your belt, and the leather platform.  Your draw sequence just needs to add an exaggerated shirt sweep to pull it from between the clip and holster for your draw.

I’ve been using the Crossbreed for about a year now and my gripes are few. If you wear a single layer riggers belt or a thin leather belt the standard clips have a tendency to slip over the belt on your draw bringing the holster out with the gun. I wear a multi-layer instructor belt and the clips keep the holster securely in place so that’s not a huge concern. If you wear a thin belt, you might consider ordering the J-clips.

There is a bit of a wait to get your holster, but is that a legitimate gripe? Not really. When I got my holster it had my name written on the back along with my order number. This is a shop that is making your holster for you and not just pulling them out of a box that was shipped to them from a factory in Vietnam.

The comfort is outstanding. The PPS is an easy gun to wear to begin with, but the Crossbreed takes all the weight and distributes it across the entire leather backing and into two separate clips. Other holsters I’ve used with a single attachment point do make you feel the weight as the day goes on. The Crossbreed feels the same the moment I put it on as it does when I’m about to take it off.

One final thing that I like about the Crossbreed is the company itself. It was started by a gentleman who wanted to build a better holster and he did it while keeping his business in the U.S. They’re still running an American shop and they stand behind their products. Heck, they’ve got a two week “try it out” period. If you don’t like what they offer, call them and they’ll buy it back. Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty. I don’t mind supporting a small business with those type of ethics.

Crossbreed Review

Crossbreed Review

Crossbreed Belt Clip

Crossbreed Kydex Review

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