Wright Sharp Blades G6C Review

I was first introduced to Wright Sharp Blades by my friend Char of CC Tactics.  She had a beautiful custom knife that she was showing off, and well, me being a knife guy, I had to find out more about where her knife came from.  I began corresponding with Stacy Wright, the man behind the Wright Sharp Brand, and what began as a discussion about reviewing one of Stacy’s knives took a turn in an unexpected direction.

During my conversation with Stacy, the topic of collaborating on a knife entered the equation.  Realizing that for some people, carrying a gun was not always practical, or even legal, Stacy shared with me his own idea of designing an every-day cary (EDC) fixed-blade knife that was specifically geared for self-defense.  So, we put our collective heads together and came up with a design we dubbed the G6C, short for Got Six Covered.  In this unique review, I will actually be reviewing a knife that I co-designed, giving me the opportunity to share first-hand the thought process behind the design, as well as evaluate Wright Sharp’s work and determine if this knife lives up to my own expectations.

The G6C is a full-tang knife made from 1/8” thick 1095 high carbon steel.  The knife is 8 ½” in total length and has a 4” cutting edge.  The blade is a sleek Wharncliffe style with a very subtle swedge at the curved front portion of the blade.  The straight edge of the Wharncliffe style blade offers  maximum cutting potential for cutting your way out of any sticky situation.  The slender profile and swedge give this blade excellent penetration properties as well.  A forced patina on the flats and satin finish on the angles give this blade some nice contrast.

The handle shape combined with an extended guard virtually locks the knife in the hand when used with a full-hand grip, keeping the hand secure when thrusting with the blade and striking with the pommel.  A triangular pommel forms a sharp impact surface for delivering devastating strikes.  This impact pommel also works as a glass breaker for emergency car window removal.  The custom handle scales of the knife I received were a beautiful dyed Buckeye burl and epoxy resin hybrid material and were secured with stainless steel pins.  A molded Kydex sheath with a multi-positional Tek-Lok belt loop attachment completes this EDC package.

Upon receiving the G6C I was immediately excited by the way our collaborative design turned out.  I loved the feel of the handle and the balance of the knife.  The handle that Stacy designed for this knife was perfect.  It was time to test the functionality of Stacy’s work and see if my blade design would perform as desired, so I ran the G6C through some of my basic cutting and penetration tests.

I started with some Level III soft Kevlar armor plates.  Using a dense piece of packing foam as a backstop, I attacked the Kevlar using a reverse grip.  As you can see from the photograph, the blade penetrated cleanly through the Kevlar.  As I had hoped, the curved portion of the narrow Wharncliffe blade acted like a ramp, forcing the blade deeper as it entered the target.  This was a definite win for the G6C.

Next, it was time for a water bottle test.  An 8oz water bottler filled with water served as the medium for this cutting test.  The G6C sliced cleanly through the bottle, leaving the bottom portion of the bottle in place.  I then took a ½” Blue Ridge Knives catalog and did a corner cutting test.  I placed the edge on the corner section and pushed straight down on the blade—no cutting motion here, just straight downward pressure.  The blade cut effortlessly through the entire catalog, leaving a nice little pile of confetti.  Finally, I did a hanging rope test with an unweighted ½” nylon rope.  Once again the G6C performed superbly, slicing through the rope as if it were butter.

I was quite pleased with the look, feel, and performance of the G6C.  This is a knife that I am proud to have my name attached to.  While there is no such thing as the perfect knife, the G6C is everything a defensive blade should be.  It packages the function of fighter and the character of a hand-made knife at a price most people can afford.

Wright Sharp Blades is located in Graceville, Florida.  A self-employed carpenter by trade, Stacy Wright is an avid outdoorsman who loves hunting, fishing, and nature in general.  He began making knives in 2014 when he made his first knife as a Christmas present for his father.  Stacy’s main goal is to make the best knife he possibly can at a reasonable and affordable price. 

Every G6C is handmade in the USA by Wright Sharp Blades.  Each knife come with a unique custom handle that varies in color and composition with every knife.  The G6C is priced at $150.00.  G10 handle scales may be requested for those desiring a more tactical/hard-use handle, or just wishing to bring the price tag down a bit.  The G6C with G10 handle is priced at $135.00.  The impact pommel can also be removed upon request for extra concealability. 

To order the G6C or any one of Wright Sharp Blade’s other hand-made knives, contact Stacy direct via email at wr*******@be*******.net.  You can also follow Wright Sharp Blades on Instagram to see Stacy’s one-of-a-kind creations and visit his Etsy store to see some of the knives he currently has for sale.

Photo Credits: Chad McBroom

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