Exfil SAR Visor

TEAM WENDY’S EXFIL SAR Visor is now available

Team Wendy Announces the EXFIL SAR Visor

AMP Version https://blacksheepwarrior.com/team-wendys-exfil-sar-visor/amp/

CLEVELAND – Following the release of Team Wendy’s EXFIL® Search and Rescue (SAR) helmets in 2015, additional accessory items have been developed to enhance how the SAR helmet is used.  The SAR Visor was designed to quickly and easily install on the helmets SAR Accessory Rail 2.0 System.  The visor will protect from impact, debris, water and wind.  

The SAR Visor is available through TeamWendy.com and authorized Team Wendy dealers. 



  • An anti-scratch coating inside and out
  • Visor positively locks into up and down positions 


Rated to EN 166 level 2B to ensure optical clarity and impact resistance 


Learn more about the EXFIL® SAR Visor: http://store.teamwendy.com/products.php?product=SAR-Visor


Team Wendy develops leading-edge products that serve to protect against serious and potentially life-threatening impact related injuries. Through its long-standing partnership with the U.S. military and the National Industries for the Blind (NIB), Team Wendy has supplied our men and women in uniform with more than 6 million standard issue Zorbium® Action Pad (ZAP™) helmet pad systems since 2005. Team Wendy also actively collaborates with world-class universities and organizations to better understand the causes behind traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and to develop products that focus on addressing what actually occurs during impact. 

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