Tea and Muskets T-Shirt Now Available!

Tea and muskets

We are pleased to announce our brand new “Tea and Muskets” T-Shirt!

Our Tea and Muskets shirt proudly displays a Betsy Ross style flag with the stars of the original 13 colonies. The script under the flag, reads “Tea and Muskets since 1773” and conveys the warning that the original spirit of independence is still alive in our patriots!

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Why Tea and Muskets since 1773?

This iconic shirt takes us back to the previous time we dealt with a monarch in December of 1773. At the time, the good folks of Boston were insulted by the monarchy in England making decisions regarding taxation without representation. In response, they protested, and the event which affectionately became known as the Boston Tea Party.

Impress your friends who have no idea what happened in 1773!

More specifically, the Boston Tea Party was a political protest against the Tea Act of May 10, 1773. . The protesters, some wearing Native American clothing, boarded ships, owned by the East India Company, and destroyed an entire shipment of tea. The British government’s harsh response was responsible in many parts for the beginning of the American Revolution and subsequent independence in 1776.

At the time, the colonist were being bullied by a monarch in Great Britain that was making decisions for them without any input or context from the colonist.  This oversight/injustice, in turn, became one of the founding pillars of our democracy and until present, we have enjoyed a representative government who’s actions are guided by the will of its people through the representatives they send to Washington DC.

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Shirt Details:

– Super comfortable 60/40 cotton poly blend that  you will want to wear over and over again!

– Slim tactical cut that looks great on everyone including women

– Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X-Large

– Individually Packaged with rack card insert

– Available in fatigue green with breathable, black screen print

Further features include:

A distressed black sheep warrior logo front (left chest)

The iconic Betsy Ross 13 Colonies American Flag (Back)

The United States flag (battle flag) (Right sleeve)

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Don’t forget! Purchasing a Black Sheep Warrior Edition Elzetta Light gets you a free Tea and Muskets T-Shirt! (Don’t forget to mention your shirt size at checkout) Order here

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Tea and Muskets
The original spirit of independence is still alive in our patriots!

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