Steel Will Apostate

Steel Will Apostate Review

The Apostate 1113 is the third knife from Steel Will’s lineup that I have had the privilege to review.  My review of the Cager 1420 and the Censor 1320 can be found right here on Black Sheep Warrior.  Unlike the Cager and Censor, which are part of the Urban Series, the Apostate is part of Steel Will’s Tactical Series. 

The 1113 is the Americanized tanto variation of the Apostate.  Made from 0.16” S35VN, the Apostate sports a 4.13-inch blade that folds inside a 5.48-inch handle, making the full length of this knife 9.61 inches. The tanto-style blade has a swedge that starts about half-way down the blade and runs to the tip, essentially adding a clip-point to the blade design.  A dark gray, protective anti-glare powder coating provides both protection and aesthetics.  Contrasted with a green G10 handle scale and some handsome laser engraving, this gray finish really pops. 

There are dual opening mechanisms on the Apostate: An ambidextrous thumb stud for one-handed opening using the thumb, and a flipper mechanism for opening with the index finger. Regardless of which opening method you choose, the blade will open smoothly once the detent pin is disengaged, thanks to the ceramic ball bearings at the blade pivot.  The beefy frame lock secures the blade solidly in place once opened.

The Apostate is a hefty knife, despite its G10 and titanium handles; however, it remains comparably light for its overall size.  Upon first glancing at the knife, it’s hard not to notice how clean its lines are.  Steel Will has strategically placed jimping at the top of the tang, on the contact portion of the flipper mechanism, which also acts as a guard when open, and along the heel of the handle for enhanced traction and positive control. 

For those who like to attach a functional lanyard, or just like to dangle skull beads and whatnot from their knife, the Apostate has an oval-shaped lanyard hole at the butt of the handle. A reversible pocket clip can be mounted on either side of the knife’s ergonomic handle for left or right side tip up carry.

I continue to be surprised by the quality of Steel Will’s knives, especially considering that they have only been in the knife business since 2014. The Apostate performs just as well as some of my other S35VN knives that are in a much higher price range.  S35VN isn’t cheap steel off the shelf, so with a retail price tag of $174.99, I would say this knife is quite reasonably priced.  It definitely provides an opportunity for someone who might not otherwise be able to afford the high price of an S35VN knife to own one.

The Apostate is available in the tanto variant shown here (1113) and a drop point variant (1108). More information about the Apostate and other offerings from the Steel Will Tactical Series, as well as their Urban and Outdoor Series can be found on the Steel Will website.  If you are a social media type, go check out their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages as well.  

Photo Credits: Chad McBroom

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