Six Seconds of Extreme Violence

Six Seconds of Extreme Violence DVD Review

Here at Black Sheep Warrior, we are constantly reviewing tactical gear, firearms, knives, and other weapons and equipment geared toward the law enforcement, military, and prepared citizen communities.  In essence, you could say we a resource for sheepdogs—those people who choose to be skilled at violence to protect the sheep from the wolves.  The best tools in the world are useless without training, so it is only fitting that we should add this new review category to focus on training, specifically video-based training.

In this first video review, I’m going to be looking at Six Seconds of Extreme Violence by Richie Grannon of Six Seconds of Extreme Violence is a scientific training approach that teaches you how to deliver extreme violence against an attacker.  In this two-disc DVD set, Grannon takes a highly organized, yet unsophisticated approach to street-level combatives.  The goal of these videos is to teach you how to end a violent attack in six seconds or less!

In the first disc, Grannon establishes a four-phase Core Game Plan for dealing with a violent threat.  He begins by discussing how to set up your attacker for the first strike.  This strike begins what Grannon calls the Shock phase, a strategy meant to stun the attacker long enough to enter the second phase, which is the Blast.  The Blast is a series of rapid strikes designed to pressure the attacker and instill a sense of panic and disorientation.  The Maul phase follows the Blast phase.  This phase focuses on landing heavy shots to drop the attacker in order to enter the final Crush phase.  The Crush contains brutal and extremely dangerous fight stoppers designed to end the assault.

In disc two, Grannon expands on the first disc and deals with clinch-range tactics, including “Foul Tactics” (eye gouging, throat attacks, and biting), Head Controls (dominating the attacker by wrenching his neck and head), and “Ripping” or “Mauling” (combining Head Controls and Foul Tactics to dominate the attacker).  Grannon also deals with a few common street attacks and how to deal with those attacks preemptively and aggressively. 

The information in this DVD series in very dangerous, but as the responsible instructor he is, Grannon takes the time to emphasis that your aggression should stop the moment your attacker stops, regardless of what phase you are in.  He also discusses what he refers to as “ego protection” as opposed to self-protection and how to avoid getting sucked into an avoidable altercation while still maintaining your awareness and control of the situation.

I have seen a lot of so-called street combatives training videos.  Most of them are either too technical to be valid for novice students or too poorly organized to be truly effective.  Six Seconds of Extreme Violence contains information that can immediately be trained and used by those untrained in hand-to-hand combat, and can up the self-preservation game of even the most skilled martial arts practitioner. 

The production quality of the DVD set is overall very good.  The only negative is that the video is filmed inside a large training studio, so there is a bit of an echo.  The DVD menus are as highly organized as the material, so it is very easy to navigate to the desired locations on the video. 

Six Seconds of Extreme Violence can be purchased for $99.00 at; however, at the time of this writing they are offering a special offer for 50% off, so the set can be had for just $49.00.  I highly recommend this DVD set for anyone looking for some simple, down and dirty self-protection training.  Thanks to Richie Grannon and Director David Jeffries for allowing us the opportunity to review this material.

Remember, there is never an excuse for not training.

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