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The SIG ECHO1 and ECHO1 B Thermal Reflex Sights

SIG’s ECHO1 and ECHO1 B Thermal Reflex Sights What’s the Difference?

SIG has really been shaking up the optics scene lately with its line of SIG ECHO1, Romeo, Tango and Whiskey optics.  These are serious optics and the ECHO1 and ECHO1 B Thermal Reflex Sights are no exception.

With the introduction of the ECHO1 and now the ECHO1 B, we felt it might be helpful to lay out some of the features and explain the difference between the two models.

First, lets clarify the difference between the two:

The ECHO1 is the full meal deal and and comes with the Romeo1 micro reflex optic mounting hardware! It also comes with a protective cover and the data cable.

So why would you want the data cable? Well we will go into that below……

The ECHO1 B is the same thermal optic but it doesn’t come with the protective cover, data cable and the Romeo1 mounting base.  It does come with the standard notch sight though for when things get up close and personal.  You better practice your hold over a lot though because otherwise we would literally pay money to watch that go down lol.

Think headline “Angry wild pig takes out man in MAGA hat“.

So, which one should you buy?  Well we personally think you should buy the ECHO1 and here is why…..

  1.  As a friend mentioned recently, walking around with a thermal sight on your weapon is not going to provide the full picture!  Night vision intensifiers and regular glass optics rely on light reflecting off surfaces to paint the picture.  Thermal is a digital reflection of temperatures and if that coffee table is the same temperature as the floor then you are going to hit the coffee table.  Same with the hot wheels on the wood floor.   So what does this have to do with the SIG ECHO1 and ECHO1 B? Well as we stated above you can piggy back a SIG ROMEO1 on the SIG ECHO1, thus giving yourself a very viable red dot alternative to the thermal solution.
  2. The data cable…….. The SIG ECHO1 has some GREAT features including the ability to take pictures and wait for it……… design AND SHARE your own reticles! SIG has an online app for accomplishing this and detailed instructions. we will add the link below.

The SIG ECHO1 and ECHO1 B are essentially the same optic beyond the differences in included hardware etc.  Here are some more of the details taken from the product page over at Megiddo Tactical Group (

The Sig ECHO1 features a 206×156 uncooled VOx Bolometer Array, five default reticles and the ability to design and upload new reticles. The ECHO1 can take pictures in individual and burst modes for downloading. It also features color LCD display for day/night direct view targeting with white hot, black hot, and multiple temperature settings.

Thermal detection range exceeds 1,000 yards with a targeting range of 300+ yards. Additional features include electronic zoom from 1x to 2x, IPX-6 waterproofing, 30 Hz frame rate, and 8-hour minimum runtime.


-206×156/12 Micron Thermal Core
-Dual Supercapacitors provide continuous operation under heavy recoil.
-Threaded mounting holes for included peep sight.
-Backup sight or ROMEO1 Open Reflex Sight (Optional adapter plate required)
-Provides for Day and Night Time Hog Hunting
-Perfect for Home Defense, Law Enforcement, Military, and Search and Rescue.
-5 default reticles and the ability to design / upload new reticles
-Sight can take pictures, individual and burst mode
-Color LCD display for day/night time direct view targeting
-White or black hot menu selectable plus color palette and game highlight
-Top mount peep sight and ROMEO1 adapter plate for backup sights
-Includes a M1913 Picatinny cross-slot STANAG compliant mount
-Thermal detection >1000 yards, targeting range >300 yards
-Electronic zoom from 1x to 2x
-IPX-6 waterproof
-30 Hz frame rate
-12 micron pixel size for higher definition and better detection
-8 hour minimum runtime

Where to get it:

You can get it from SIG obviously here is the product page and reticle app.

You can also get the ECHO1 and ECHO1 B at Megiddo Tactical Group.  Little secret… if you add the ECHO1 version to the cart you will be offered a special $50 off deal on the ROMEO1 as you click checkout. 😉

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