Northtech Defense Rifle

Northtech Defense Build By Downrange Photography


John at Downrange Photography has built an amazing Northtech Defense AR-15 that just reinforces the fact that they build some of the finest premium receivers out there! But there is more than just some gorgeous, billet, receivers in these images!

Right off the bat, you will see premium, adjustable grips from Xtech Tactical, American Defense Manufacturing optics mount (I use one and so should you!) and also a sweet laser engraved PMAG by Jeff at LEO Armory. Almost forgot the Elftmann Tactical Trigger!

No respectable build would be complete without the original and widely imitated Grip Stop (now produced by B5 Systems) A fathom Arms black nitride BCG and KE Arms hand guard wrap up the build. Post up questions in the comments below as there are lots of other premium parts in this build.

Thanks to John at Downrange Photography for the great images.

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