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Xtech Tactical – Adjustable Grip Review

XTech Tactical – Adjustable Tactical Grip 

By: Chris Tran and Reign Precision 

Once again, the good guys at Blacksheepwarrior.com delivered an innovative product for me to take a look at, the Adjustable Tactical Grip (ATG) from XTech Tactical.  The ATG is quite literally three grips in one.  Depending on shooting style, body position, and type of weapon, shooters have come to realize that the angle of the grip plays an important part in their weapon ergonomics.

Instead of shopping around and spending your hard-earned money on multiple grips with multiple angles before deciding which one works best for you and your particular weapon, XTech Tactical took it to the next level and fabricated an adjustable grip that can be configured to three different distinct angles; 17°, 25°, and 33°.


There’s really not much to say – install was as simple as could be.  The ATG is a two part system, one “hub” with interlocking teeth, and the grip itself, with similarly-matched teeth.  Simply align the grip to the desired angle on the hub, and tighten it down with the provided stainless steel bolt.  That’s it.  I affixed the ATG to my Mega Arms lower and locked it down at the 25° angle.

Range Time and First Impressions

With the current state of affairs in the communities these days, I haven’t been to the range as much as I would have liked, the full time job has been taking up most of my free time.  I didn’t have a chance to really abuse the ATG, but as it stands right now, it seems quite sturdy.  As always, I’ll report back after a few months of use to update the article if anything stands out either positive or negative.

I ran through several failure drill runs at 25 yards, the angle of the XTECH Tactical ATG worked out very well, and my rifle was comfortable through all angles.  I am not a fan of finger grooves on pistol grips; they never seem to fit my hand the way I want and end up only to create unwanted pressure points on my grip.  The grooves on the ATG are subtle and provide extra traction without forcing your hand to conform to the grip.

The only sticking point I noticed was that when bringing the rifle in close during mag changes, the grip bit into my middle finger a little, but it was nothing more than a small annoyance.  This is a great grip for an excellent price; easy to install and seems rock-solid in the field.  I’m interested to see how well they hold up over time in contrast to a single piece pistol-grip, however as it stands right now, I like them quite a bit.

The Background

I had a chance to chat with Jeremy Deadman, Director of Sales and Marketing for XTECH Tactical.  Jeremy was gracious enough to give us some background of this new company.

CT: How long has XTECH Tactical been around, and how did the company start?

JD: XTech Tactical was formed in July of 2013. The founding members had previously collaborated together on dozens of projects, from concept to production and saw great success. Some of these collaborations included programs in the firearms industry. When we saw a market opportunity, the team was formalized, and we immediately began R&D.

CT: Can you tell me a little about the owner/operator’s business and training background, and why are XTECH Tactical’s products so desirable?

JD: The executive team includes four members, all of whom are entrepreneurs with previous experience in the firearms industry. Two of the founding members own a successful product design company and have been responsible for 35 Patents. Many of these patents are used in the automotive industry today. Next, we have a manufacturing sales executive specializing in: market strategy, design for manufacturing, and business development. The fourth member is an established patent attorney, who was formerly an industrial engineer for a Fortune 500 defense contractor.

Our core mission for all of our products is to deliver superior, innovative products, at the highest level of quality. We will continue to address market gaps with simple, intuitive, and cost effective solutions.

CT: Without giving away proprietary fabrication strategies or techniques, what sets XTECH Tactical apart from the competition?

JD: XTech Tactical’s strength is the diversity of its team. We complete all product & packaging design in house, and pull from past experience and innovations we have developed for other industries. Our knowledge of injection molding specifically is unsurpassed in the industry, and will be a core focus for the company moving forward.

CT: The XTECH Tactical ATG is a great concept and very competitively priced. There is a common phrase that “more moving parts means more things to break.” What strength/resiliency obstacles did you have to overcome or consider when designing the ATG, and how did it hold up in your in-house testing prior to release? What would you say to the “more parts = more breakage” camp to alleviate their concerns about the ATG’s strength and durability?

JD: Well first on price: We strongly believe we have to earn our place in the market. With that, innovation and quality should not come at a higher cost.

For testing, we created 3D printed parts that were put through substantial abuse by LE, rifle manufacturers, avid shooters, and ourselves. The strength of this design is the tapered interlocking teeth that form a substantial solid mass at each of our angles. The grip functions as a single unit; there is absolutely no compromise on strength. We receive calls and emails daily from our customers stating that they are blown away by the strength of the grip. Also, due to our backgrounds in selecting materials for some of the most well-known companies globally, we selected a resin that would meet and exceed the needs of the industry. Some of the entertaining durability tests have included running over the grip with a Jeep on asphalt, and using it as a hammer.

CT: What’s next for XTECH Tactical? The ATG is already causing quite a buzz in social media, where does the company want to go from here?

JD: XTech Tactical has several other patents pending both related and unrelated to the ATG line. The first model on the market was designed as our base product and intended to be as universal as possible. For the grip line, we will expand into private labeled OEM grips, other rifle platforms, and other styles and preferences. In addition to the grips, we are in full R&D on a revolutionary product line that we’re very excited about. We are confident it will put smiles on the faces of shooters across the country!

About the Author:

Chris is a police officer for a large municipality in the Pacific Northwest. He is a first generation immigrant who has chosen to give back to the country that has provided him with so much by serving his community as a police officer.

Chris writes equipment reviews aimed towards the everyday user with a focus on functionality, durability and cost effectiveness.

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