Magpul iPhone Field Case

Magpul iPhone Field Case Review


– Will

Now here is a product that that you can almost love as much as your iPhone!

After months of waiting, the Magpul Ind. iPhone 5 Field Case is finally available (Magpul Iphone 5 Field Case Blk)! Continue reading below to get the low down on the new features at the same great price.

The Magpul iPhone 5 case features the same raised lip edge that was found on the original iPhone 4/4s Case

It caught people off guard a little when Magpul originally developed the Field and Executive cases for the iPhone. I mean, how often does a company world famous for making the best M-4 magazine on earth just decide to make an iPhone case? Well, they did and now Magpul is offering two new cases for the iPhone 5. The first is the Field Case, which we are reviewing here, and the second is the Bump Case, which sports a harder outer shell with a protective shock layer inside. The Bump is substantially more expensive at $29.00 and has yet to be released to distributors. We will do our best to update you when the bump case becomes available until then keep checking back or check these links for the Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case on Amazon (Magpul Iphone 5 Field Case Blk) and  Arizona Armament LLC .

The Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case is very similar to the previous iPhone 4/4S model, however it has several key improvements.

The Field Case is still made in the USA, which for me is enough reason to buy it right there! It still maintains the same low profile, minimalist design that somehow finds a way to protect your iPhone without completely turning it into an ugly, bulky, brick. Finally, the price, at $13.00, is still a bargain considering the premium usually charged for foreign made iPhone 5 cases ( I picked up mine from Arizona Armament LLC).

The Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case easily slides into pant pockets and features the “grip that doesn’t stick”!


Installing your iPhone 5 is quick and easy due to the Magpul Field Case’s semi ridged construction and snap on design. The outer surface is covered in the familiar PMAG style ribs which provide the same great grip as the magazine (Actually better with the texture). The texture of the case is really hard to describe but simply put, it is grippy without the abrasives of sandpaper. One of my colleagues appropriately described the texture of the case as the “grip that doesn’t stick”. Im not going to lie, Im baffled at how they did it, it’s sticky but at the same time it’s not, at the very least you need to experience it to truly understand.

The case still retains its unobtrusively slim design which makes it easy to get in and out of pockets. However, like the previous version, it does not provide any screen protection other that the raised lip around the edges of the screen. I personally cannot stand having screen protectors on my iPhones and I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown my iPhone into backpacks, dump pouches over the years without issue.

Just like the iPhone 4/4S version, the Magpul iPhone 5 case has a built in cover for the sleep/wake button, which is easily activated without having to press hard. Activating the sleep/wake button can be easily accomplished with or without gloves.

Similar to it’s predecessor, the Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case’s volume adjustment buttons are covered as well, with the exception of the mute switch, which is easily accessible even with gloves on.

The Magpul iPhone 5 Field case has an entirely new speaker/headphone jack/Lightning connector layout and does an excellent job of providing protection without being obtrusive. Sound quality isn’t diminished!

The opening for the camera is a big improvement over the previous model

Unlike the previous Field Case, the iPhone 5 version sports an improved camera/flash opening. The older model provided less than stellar results when utilizing a flash however, the iPhone 5 Field Case employes a larger, tapered, opening which is certainly an improvement.

The Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case currently is only shipping to authorized Magpul dealers in black however, in the future I foresee them carrying the typical flat camo colors as well as orange and pink.

The Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case is Proudly made in Colorado, State…….for now.

The grip provided by the Magpul iPhone 5 Case is unprecedented and has to be felt to truly understand.

Where to buy:

Arizona Armament LLC (Our go to guys for all things Magpul)

Amazon (Purchasing from this link helps us pay the bills)

Wrap up:

If you are like me, then you love your iPhone and you want to protect it without losing too much of the light, thin feel that they are famous for. I personally hate having to cover up my iPhone 5 but, as with the iPhone 4, I have found that the Magpul Field Case is something I can live with. I cannot stress enough just how good the grippy texture feels and as I said before, you really need to try it for yourself to believe it.

So, if you want to retain the slim feel of your iPhone 5 then check out the Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case! You can purchase it from any authorized Magpul dealer. I picked up mine from the good folks at Arizona Armament LLC (They were really cool and made sure to set one aside one for us so we could provide this review). They have a great selection of Magpul Ind. products and are a full fledged Aimpoint dealer as well. Check out their Facebook page and let them know we sent you!

You can also purchase the case from Amazon (All colors now available)

– Will


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