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MAD Custom Coating Glock 23 Coating Review

The thing I love about SHOT Show isn’t all the latest and greatest weapons and gear that I get to see, but the people I get to meet.  It was during SHOT Show 2016 that I met the guys from MAD Custom Coating thanks to my friend Will, also known as the Black Sheep Warrior “Overlord.”  I would say we became instant friends, after spending an evening together enjoying some fine dining on the Las Vegas Strip.   Needless to say, when I found myself in need of a new finish on my Glock 23, I knew exactly where to go.

Now, when I say I was in need of a new finish, it wasn’t because the original factory finish was worn to the point of needing replacement.  No, in fact my pistol had a brand new Cerakote™ finish already.  Unfortunately, after having my gun coated by another shop, it no longer functioned properly.  The local shop had applied the coating too thick along the inside of the slide, to the point where it would not go into full battery between shots.  Apparently, such tragedies like this are not uncommon in the Cerakote™ application industry, so after much internal debate, I contacted my newly-found friends at MAD Custom Coating. 

MAD Custom Coating, is a DBA of FAH Group, a family-owned business that began in 1996.  What began as a training company that offered firearms, edged weapons, and hand-to-hand combat training to the private sector, eventually began filling contracts around the world to train U.S. Military personnel in anti-terrorism force protection.   The wear and tear on firearm finishes witnessed throughout these ventures prompted them to begin testing the now popular Cerakote™ ceramic finish.  After witnessing the superior protection against corrosion and abrasion that Cerakote™ provided, FAH Group decided to expand their business.  In 2010, FAH Group began offering coating services to the general public under the MAD Custom Coating banner.

So, back to my story, I sent my Glock off to MCC and opted for a red and black “war torn” finish.  This is a distressed coating that gives the appearance of being highly worn, much in the fashion of the popular distressed furniture paint jobs.  I chose red and black because these are the colors used for my company Comprehensive Fighting Systems.  Not only was the new coating job amazing, but MCC decided to surprise me with a little something extra, and incorporated the CFS logo into the scheme.  A nice touch if I do say so.

What about that functionality problem?  I took my weapon out to the range after getting it back, and to my pleasant surprise, the gun worked flawlessly!  (Okay, I wasn’t really surprised.  I pretty much expected that.)  MCC not only saved my gun, but did so with a phenomenal coating job. 

So, when you’re thinking about getting your weapon custom coated, don’t take it to just anybody.  The guys at MAD Custom Coating know what they’re doing, and will do your weapon right.  They are also some of the nicest people you will ever meet, if you ever have a chance to do so.  If you’re not ready for a coating and just want to see the awesome work they do on a regular basis, give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest.  It’s like candy for your eyes.

Photo Credits: MAD Custom Coating

Editors Note:

Sorry but I have to editor note bomb this post! The guys at Mad Custom coating are great friends of mine and I really appreciate their character and friendship over the years. Thanks for the review  Chad and keep up the hard work Mad Custom Coating Crew!

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