Lantac e-BCG

Lantac Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG) Review

Not your daddy’s bolt carrier group

By: VaderJK

With all of the various BCG’s (Bolt carrier groups) on the market these days, it can become difficult to narrow down your choices. These BCG’s have come a long way from the standard Mil Spec M16/M4 designs. While there is nothing wrong with them, who doesn’t like to have the newest, and best products in your beloved AR15’s?

Lantac USA has been releasing a number of innovative new products recently that you can’t help but notice and want to get your hands on. With that said, I had to get this Lantac E-BCG and see what all the hype was about.

First let’s talk specs. The Lantac M16 full auto style Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG) is precision machined from 8620 steel with a shot peened bolt made from carpenter 158, and is Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI). The bolt also features the typical upgraded extractor spring o-ring. 

The Lantac E-BCG’s also come with Lantac’s new domed cam pin that reduces wear and tear while cycling through the upper receiver.

The Lantac E-BCG weighs in at 11.7oz and the entire BCG has a special electroless Nickel Boron (NiB) coating.

If you’re like me and have only used standard Mil Spec BCG’s then the first thing you will notice is the shiny silver coating. Unlike the normal phosphate finish, this Nickel Boron is extremely smooth and offers a great amount of lubricity.

When you first hold it in your hand you might think its covered in lube but that’s just how the coating feels. This coating also allows you to wipe the carbon build up right off for much easier cleaning. In the packaging you will also get a small amount of Frog Lube to apply before firing it the first time.

The Lantac E-BCG’s forward porting helps to run flatter and reduce pressure in the upper receiver often caused by short barreled rifles, especially while running a suppressor. 

Whenever you get a new BCG it is very important that you make sure the gas key is properly staked. The Lantac E-BCG gas key is properly staked at 4 points using grade 8 fasteners, as seen in the photo. 

The flared boss at the rear end of the BCG helps to improve lock position inside the upper for greater consistency and accuracy improvement. 

Lastly, I would like to point out that, according to Lantac, the new CP-R360 domed cam pin allows smoother cycling and reduced wear through out the upper receiver. 

Overall, I must say I am very pleased with the product. It feels very solid and the coating is outstanding. You can really feel a difference with how much smoother it is while charging or firing your rifle.


If you’re in the market for a new bolt carrier group I highly recommend the Lantac E-BCG!

This Lantac E-BCG offers a price point right now of around $285, it is not the cheapest BCG on the market. However, as I always say, ” buy it nice, or buy it twice.”

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions leave a comment and you can find the full list of specs and current availability at

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– VaderJK

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9 thoughts on “Lantac Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG) Review”

  1. do they sell the cam pin separately? & do you think it would work in other NiB carriers? also roller cam pins… does it matter which BCG you use it with?rookie questions!!

    1. I have heard that they will be selling the cam pins separately to work with other BCGs. I would contact lantac to see when though.

    1. Eric I am looking at Sharp vs Lantec t reduce blowback while suppressed do you recommend one over the other

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