XC1 Review

Last Line of Defense Surefire XC1 Review

Last Line of Defense Surefire XC1 Review

I received a text from my good friend Jim (Last Ditch Effort Gear) and he told me that one of our Black Sheep Warrior Edition Elzetta Alpha lights was featured in a YouTube video by Last Line Defense.

After watching the Last Line Defense Surefire XC1 Review video, I figured it was well worth sharing with our readers! In fact I had never even heard of Last Line Defense but was surprised to see that I had met the owner while in Colorado a year ago!

So, here it is and as always we love to see our products featured and its awesome that friends and customers give us heads up when they see our products out there!

please take a moment to check out Last Line Defense’s youtube channel and you can also find them on Instagram @liveasif (really good dude).

Hope you enjoy the video!

– Will

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